Wednesday, June 20, 2007

These pictures were taken at a rest stop about 30 minutes from home (that's John and I standing by the Tahoe with very big grins on our faces) and the other pic is me trailing John driving the Chevelle (yes we gave him the privilege and boy did he meet alot of people by driving that car, unfortunately not GIRLS) and Greg in the lead with the moving truck.
So today was spent starting bank accounts, searching for a truck for Greg, changing the registrations on the Tahoe and Chevelle and some other misc. items. The state of Alaska is primarily conservative and with that comes alot of domestic vehicles. Greg is having a tough time finding a GMC/Chevrolet truck because alot of the trucks up here are primarily Fords (unfortunately Greg is a Chevy/GMC man.) ( Note: Licie, make sure to point this out to your FORD Man! Love ya. Sis) So it's slim pickens here but we are holding out hope. :0)
Ok, on to the next topic. DMV in Kenai is quite different. I have never been in a government office and was able to watch Days of Our Lives (not that I'm an avid soaps girl) streaming on the TV above the customer service agents.....hum. Have you? This was different. Greg and I waited for maybe 45 minutes, walked up and were able to get our plates and registrations changed at the same time. Often enough I've been in DMV in California and have never had such a smooth transaction. Just another plus living here. ;)
The weather has been the topic of conversation lately with a few people who have called us. The weather here has been beautiful, the high was 70 degrees today and a little nipply at night. We've had dew shedding from our roof every morning since we've arrived but that's normal being that it hasn't gotten over 40-45 degrees at night. Don't forget alot of that cold comes from being so close to the Cook Inlet. But we're still very happy......
To those of you that I haven't called yet, i.e my sister, mom, Kelli etc. Sorry, I'm having difficulty with time. My problem is at 11pm it looks like 3pm and so on. You really do not want me to call you this late at night/morning. I can greatly appreciate why Alaskans have exhaustion problems in the summer. The Midnight Sun does throw you for a loop let me tell you. You can't begin to appreciate this until your up here, it's definately different. Greg and I have been so busy unpacking,cleaning,sitting on the swing, hot tubbing, bird watching etc. that before we know it it's midnight (and the sun is still up). Yet, every night we tell one another that we need to get to bed sooner. Hum..... Be patient I will call, soon.
Take care and we love you. And to all of you folks out there that we do not know because you were given our blog address from our friends and family, WELCOME. Share your questions and concerns or drop us a line. We hope your enjoying this, maybe someday we'll be friends too. :0) Love, Maryann Oh, by the way Carol I had a feeling you may have had a LONG night or you were just tired (re: your grammar). Sometimes I'm neither and I have terrible grammar. Take care ;) We love our loyal fans......M.


Stokley said...

Love your posts!! Look forward to reading about your adventures everyday. Oh by the way, someone bought our lunch when you were here. I wonder who that could be? :)

Love you guys....


Kenai Alaska or Bust said...

To the Stokleys

NOT US :0)

Love ya Maryann and Greg

Scott and Kristi Stokley said...

Hey Greg,

I know where you can get your GMC/Chevy truck, come on down and see me.
Glad you are finally home. Love the pictures. It is beautiful up there. We hope to get up there some time to see all of you.Take care.
Love you guys,