Monday, June 11, 2007

Does size matter...?

Forgive me for not elaborating on the issue of the mis-measured moving truck, earlier this morning. I was beat tired and just plain forgot. If you remember a few days back, we were considering taking off a bumper to make the thing fit....yeah, due to mis-information on the actual length. You know, the last thing the phone rep from the ferry terminal said to us last week was "its not like they go out and measure it with a tape measure". Well, guess what pal....they did. They actually ran one of those rolling tape measurers along the ground next to the truck before it was loaded. Apparently that extra 2 feet 3 inches that we didn't anticipate didn't matter. On the phone they say that the vehicles are packed in like sardine cans so be accurate....which they are. But, there is a little room left between vehicles, and I do mean a little. So I guess the deal is that as long as it is not grossly off in length, it is ok. This is what the verdict was with the terminal rep we spoke with several days before the actual boarding. He said to just not say anything and it would be fine. He was right! So in fact size does long as it is close to accurate.
Another note to mention, I never realized how wearing, the stress and activity of all of this move was until we finally boarded. I slept more through that first 2 days than I can recall ever doing most of my recent years. As a result I do feel so much more rested. Like Maryann said tonight, when you don't have anything to do it is easy to just want to sleep after such an exhausting 2 weeks. Tonight as I contemplate hitting the still feels like it is mid afternoon due to the amount of light out...I miss the people we met and spent so much time with the past days. A biker named Carl and his wife, both from Michigan are in Alaska to do a few weeks of riding and exploring. They shared our community with us on the ship and are in fact here at the motel tonight as well. So I guess in a sense I do feel a little of the experience still with us tonight, but miss the meaningful talks and time spent with our new found friends that we parted with early this morning. I will hold each experience in my heart always. Michelle, thanks for letting me keep the book to finish reading! I am glad you woke up before we left this morning otherwise I would have left it at your pack and never knew how it ended. We hope you will be in our area one day soon to retrieve it! We look forward to seeing you again!! Michelle was another adventurous soul who left everything but a trailer of belongings to find a new life here in Alaska. The best of luck to her although we just know she will find what she is looking for and our paths will cross again. This has all been just such an enlightening and soulful experience. One last thing....we need some serious prayer and positive thoughts for my dad as he goes in for a hip replacement tomorrow. It will all be fine dad. Like I said so many times about our is not a pioneering experience. There were many before you and will be many to follow. You will feel as good as gold soon and look back on it wondering why you even worried! Just go with it all and take the time off of life to relax and enjoy the life around you. Get on a ferry and go to Alaska! ;) We love you and you will be in our thoughts. Goodnight to all, and remember; never be afraid to seek out and live your dreams. Never say 'never' and always move forward with your hearts desires.