Saturday, June 23, 2007

Good Morning! We woke up to rain, overcast skies and it's currently 50 degrees out. Our plan is to take the dogs out to the beach to run, do some needed window cleaning on the house, take a load of boxes and trash to the transfer station and some other daily chores that I will not bore you with.

These pictures were taken this morning, of the deck over looking the lake and the fauna below it. The house sits above the lake, so taking pics of the house from the lake is difficult with all of the tall fauna. The lake is 50ft from the decks edge but the terrain slopes downward. The gentleman that built this house knew what he was doing because we have a terrific view of the lake from every window in the house. The lake is as big as Lakemont Pines Lake in Arnold for some of you that are familiar. It's big enough that our moose, loons, ducks, geese, arctic terns and other animals I haven't been able to identify yet call it home. It's small enough that we do not have the loss of wildlife on our lake due to float planes landing and taking off, public use access and such. It's very peaceful and quiet, we are enjoying it immensely.

I did see a mama moose and her twins this morning, she was trying to teach the babies to swim, it didn't go over too well, the babies wouldn't have any of it. It was comical. Mom got in with a loud splash, swam around the shore and the babies continued to watch. I did get pics although they didn't come out so great because they were on the other side of the lake and by the time I took the pic they were running into the brush. Stay tuned.

For those of you that love native plants, in the picture you will see pink flowers, these are native roses that close when it's cold or raining, very interesting and beautiful. I'm still trying to identify other native plants but I am glad for the immense bounty of Fireweed that we have-I can't wait until it blooms. Most of our trees on our property are Birch, Willow, Alder, Spruce (some have died to a recent bark beetle infestation which will become our firewood) and Aspen. There is one tree I haven't identified yet. I will keep you posted.

I would upload more pics but your going to have to be patient, we're still on dial up. Stay Tuned.


Sharon Tussy said...

Just checking in on you guys and glad you made it safe and sound.

The pictures are beautiful - we will miss you here but wish you much happiness there!

Kenai Alaska or Bust said...

Thanks Sharon
We are having a great time, the house is lovely, alot of wildlife abounds. We haven't seen John happier in awhile. Thanks for thinking of us. Keep me posted on how you and Bob are doing. Take care, Maryann