Sunday, July 19, 2009

Where did the time go...

Holy crap, man! It has been a spell and I am beside myself that it has been almost a month since my last post. I just popped on to check out my friends' blog and saw that she is in the same boat as me. Much doing, and little time to blog! Then of course the baggage that comes with that whole scenario!! So apparently I am not alone.

It has been a spectacular summer so far, we have been very busy both with work and finding time for fun and working here at home. The late season run of reds came into the Kenai river last week, and we have made a little time to get in some fishing. John has been out nightly the past few nights and caught his limit each time in the first hour. I am hoping to find a little more time myself here in the next few days. Maryann had a chance to do a fly out with the lodge yesterday. It is the best they offer called 'The Ultimate Adventure' where they fly onto several back country lakes 0nly accessible by float plane, and hike, fish ,and see the sights. She had a blast and had some good stories to tell.

She had the honor of doing the trip with none other than Gary Duncan who was the founder and lead guitarist/vocalist for Quicksilver Messenger Service. A band back from the day who frequented with other bands and people like Janis Joplin, the Grateful Dead, Jefferson Airplane and many other iconic bands from the 60's San Francisco rock scene. I met him at their cookout at the lodge the other night and Maryann and I both were invited into his cottage afterwards for a very enjoyable hour of conversation and memories. I have two original concert bills, one for Quicksilver Messenger Service at the Avalon Ballroom and the other of Big Brother and the Holding Company with Quicksilver Messenger Service also at the Avalon Ballroom and he graciously autographed them for me making the already valuable memorabilia now priceless! Too cool!! He asked us to call him when we come down in October to visit as he and his wife would like to take us out for a night on the town when we are in the area. Life is funny, the people you meet and friends you make!

John was fishing on the bank of the Kenai last night and standing next to him was a kid his age whom he helped out with some tackle. Turns out, the other kid is visiting this week from Sonora, Ca. John and him were laughing about the fact that they competed on the soccer field against each others' schools, and here they meet on the Kenai river in Alaska! Life is so strange. Did I mention that we will be coming down in the Fall for a vacation? We will and are looking forward to some time to enjoy ourselves in the many of our old stomping grounds. Anyways, short post to let all know we are still alive and loving the summer away. I will post in the next few days with some pics and some stories. Until then be stay cool and enjoy the ensuing week!