Monday, June 11, 2007

More Photos

Sorry, your going to have to turn your head on this one. This is the outside side of the solarium that was our home looking to the front of the ship. John and I are seriously thinking on our next ferry from Juneau to Whittier (you know the one Greg will not be on) posting claim on the solarium and giving up our stateroom to someone who could use it. We got a good look at the rooms and there just too confined, no fresh air (the portholes do not open) and the ships captain seems to always have the heat on high. Most of the time we had rain, mountain fog, and overcast cloudy skies. But, it was beautiful. It's been raining all morning since we removed the vehicles from the car deck on the ferry. I realized today that 15 yrs ago I gave away a very good rain slicker that I had when I lived in Seattle, boy would I give anything to have it back. :0)
John asked me this morning if it's going to do nothing but rain at our house. No, we moved to the South central portion of Alaska where we receive more snow than rain. Don't get me wrong we will have rainy days. It just isn't anything like the lower panhandle of Alaska. Take care, I'm still posting, Maryann

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CapnKurt said...

Hello Maryann, Greg and John.
I'm glad to see that you made it safely to your new home. You may remember me, my brother and my Dad from the ferry ride (columbia and Kenicott). And I bet you will always remember my Dad's comment, "What's it good for?" I appreciate you telling me your encounter with Dad, because I get that all the time. Once I figure out this Blog thing, I'll send you the pictures of you, John and the dogs when we docked at Yakutak. Would love to keep in touch to see how things go up there, and I can tell you what's happening in Wisconsin. Would be better if I knew your email, but it's probably on the Blog somewhere.

Take care, have fun - enjoy.