Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Moose Sighting

We just got back from bbqing out on the beach this evening and came home to a moose calf (the size of a horse) in our backyard. The dogs were growling and barking as if to say, " What the heck is that." :0) Greg tells us (John and I and the dogs) to stay in the truck while he goes into the house, I thought he was grabbing the camera so we could show you our neighborhood moose. Sorry, no picture was taken. We sat in the truck with the dogs watching our moose like a bunch of scared chickens. It stood 5 ft from Greg for awhile then eventually ran down into our ravine and back up the other side to the road.
Since we have been here we've been hearing this strange howling noise at night (remember it's still daylight out even though it's late at night) well guess what it was our moose. We just learned that moose make a howling noise.... interesting. I wouldn't have ever known. :0) So besides the Loons on our lake making their wonderful sounds we have howling mooses. It's great living in Alaska! We wish we could stream our wilderness to you live, maybe that will be next on our list to blog. Wouldn't that be fun? :0)
Oh, by the way, coming home earlier today John and I were driving down the Spur Hwy when we saw people on the opposite side of the hwy pointing. It was like something out of Northern Exposure (the tv show), a large bull moose (the size of a clydesdale horse) walking through a heavily trafficed parking lot, towering over cars and trucks. There were people walking through the lot getting to there cars like it was no big thing. Amazing. We will keep you posted. Love M.


carol said...

Hi, I really look forward to your blogs. My husband is intrested too. We had thougt about alaska before we decieded to move to Rail Road Flat. I am sure Alaska was more primative in 1970. It kind of blew my image when you were talking about Costco and Lowels shopping. When we moved to railroad the largest store around was Safeway in Jackson and it wasn't vert big. How big is Homer. Thanks Carol

carol said...

Hi again, Just goes to show,I've been in the hills to long, Didn't spell Lowes right. I've never been there, even though there is now one in Jackson, and the word vert, should be very. It's early and my typing need's help. Carol

Kenai Alaska or Bust said...

Thanks Carol and Husband for being such loyal fans. I'm always excited to receive a comment from
you. Have you done any new paintings lately? Take care M.