Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Feels good to finally be home!

Finally I'm here!! I did the walk-through this morning.... the house was stripped, the deal is off, I'm going back home!!!

Everything's great. It was left in awesome condition, it's just as I remember it from November. Maryann is going to be elated. John is going to be excited with his room, he has a large room. He also has his own lake less than 50 yards from his room and a beautiful view of the lake from his bedroom window.

Currently I'm waiting at the airport in Kenai for my realtor to give me a ride back up to Whittier where I will meet John and Maryann tomorrow morning at 7:30am. They're lucky I love them because I'd just as soon as well stay here and go home ;) On the other hand, I'm lucky that John and Maryann love me, or I could go to meet them and they could be gone with all my stuff ;) I guess it's an even keel! Speaking of even keel, Maryann and John were somewhat shocked and flushed to find upon boarding the boat that there were barf bags distributed throughout the vessel.

To further escalate her anxiety, when she came back down to the loading bay to kiss me goodbye, she was astonished to find that the dock workers were strapping down all of the vehicles to the loading bay deck!!!!! :((( True story.

Mind you, I've tried unsuccessfully all morning long to contact them via cellphone.... I can only hope and pray. Tomorrow will tell the tale.

Anyways, just a quick update as I had a few minutes. Thank you again Tom & Bea for acting as my intermediate as I stream to you LIVE from the loading curb of the beautiful Kenai Airport in Kenai, Alaska.

The only other thing I can say is it feels good to finally be home!


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