Monday, June 11, 2007

A Juneau Alaska Landing

Good Morning, we have landed. You will have plenty of reading below as we are catching up on 3 days of sketchy cell service and no wireless (we coped). :0) So below will be enough eye candy to sustain you for awhile..... A new friend (Michelle, moving to Haines, Alaska from Incline Village, NV) took this photo of myself, Greg and John off of the deck that was our home for the last few days. Thanks Michelle. It was raining, can you tell? The other pic is of one of many waterfalls we saw on our adventure. We didn't want to go to sleep at night because of what we would miss on the way. We saw 5 cruise ships, many ferries and fishing vessels. One of the fishing boats came portside to show us his catch, huge salmon, yum. As of the day before last, we no longer have complete darkness at night. We have a brief stint of daybreak before the sun comes back up again. It feels like we're home.....
As for tomorrow, Greg will hopefully be able to load the moving truck onto the Whittier, Ak bound ferry for John and I and we will be on our way again. While Greg gets a free ride from our title officer to the Juneau airport for a flight into Anchorage. From there he will take another bush plane to Kenai and do the final signing on our house, yipppeeeee! Oh, to be back in our own beds again and not use a communal toilet. ;0) Oh, and do some needed laundry. Those simple things are always appreciated when you don't have them. Don't get me wrong, this entire trip has been an experience and truly memorable.
John met a young man while on the ferry. "Jordan" who has lived in Juneau most of his life. He was great for giving John positive feedback on what his life will be like living in Alaska. As Jordan said" John is going to live out his manhood in the greatest place." Greg and I couldn't agree more. We've met countless people from everywhere who are so excited to be in Alaska and many new friends. Another positive to what was so scary a week ago. Well, it's not so scary and we can't wait to get HOME. Take care, M.


Mom said...

Hi there you guys, I tried earier to leave you a comment but forgot my info and to resign up so if you get this twice sorry about it. But I'm happy for you guys. I'm glad your comming right along on your trip without any problems but I still miss you guys. Hard to beleive your not just up the hill anymore. But I know your happy with this move so I'm good. I'm glad you have seen so many cool things and enjoying the trip. Call me when you get home if you can so I will know your home. And I'm happy you guys set up this blog... Its great knowing where you are and how you are. I Love You and take care enjoy the rest of the trip you and John will be o.k. even though Greg has to go ahead. Call me when you can, I Love and Miss you, Love Your Mother and Grandma

Kelli said...

Hey guys. I guess I have good timing on checking your blog! Glad to hear you have made it. I have been thinking of you all often. You are finally where you need to be. Too bad it is so far from me! :( Talk to you soon? Love, Kelli