Thursday, June 7, 2007

Recon Rangers

John, myself, Cherokee and Kenai just returned from a recon mission to map out the clearest route from our motel to the ferry terminal, and the actual terminal to figure out where we have to be tomorrow. Let me tell you; they say that this 'ferry event' occurs weekly and goes like clockwork and is impressive to observe how they go about the procedure. There is an intimidating thing about it all though. Why ,you load your life into 3 vehicles and attempt to transport it 2000 miles across the ocean, then you ask why! ;) It will go smooth, but thoughts and prayers will be nice. So here I have put in some photos of today's events. Due to a technical anomolly, we will go backwards; Fourth is the separating of the flotilla this morning as we returned the Chevelles transport. No tandem riding from here. One vehicle for each driver. The third one is the actual loading dock. Keep in mind that there is going to be a large ship at the receiving end of this thing, and think of Maryann and how grateful she is that she wont have to navigate the 'U Drive death trap' up this thing.....think of me and the unspoken bodily functions that I may well be experiencing! Second but maybe not last is the doggies following the return from our little recon mission. The first is the same, but none the less a cute blooper. I'm not sneezing...I am being slapped by Kenai's ears as she shakes off.....too cute. We will do our best to keep things rolling here, but as Maryann said, if you don't hear from us for a couple days.....the ship didn't sink! Stay tuned. One last thing. Conitha....we will miss you too. You have been like one of our own kids, and we have all enjoyed the times with you also. The road trip to Disneyland was the best for us all, and we are so glad you were a part of it. Thank you for being a part of our family. You are always welcomed in our home and we will see you again. Thank you also for the baked survival sack you gave us before we left. I am currently coming down off a sugar high from some cookies I had before the recon run! We love you.

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JP-Unit said...

Awww! you're too sweet! Well i hope you guys are having lots of FUN=] --Conetha--