Monday, June 11, 2007

More Views From The Ship

These two photos were taken going into the Wrangell Narrows. The captain of the ship has to stay in a 25 ft wide area of this tight waterway to overt running aground. Let me tell you it got really narrow. I was unable to show you the most narrow part due to so many people trying to take pictures. But you get the idea. All of our surroundings were breath taking.
There was only one time I was thankful that I took the popular over the counter drug, "Bonine" for sea sickness. It was when we crossed Charlottes Sound (a 45 minute ordeal-it felt like 2 hours). Let me tell you, it was very rocky, nothing like I have ever experienced and I was quite concerned for not only ourselves but the poor dogs in the car deck. Tomorrow we will be purchasing more. John and I will be traveling via ferry through the Gulf of Alaska. I heard from other travelers yesterday that that will be tough. We will be in open waters the 2days at sea. Keep those positive vibes coming, John and I do not want to feed the fish..... :0)
As for what we've seen besides eagles. I saw a school of dolphins following along side the ferry, but no whales as of yet. We will keep you posted. M

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