Friday, June 22, 2007

A Plug for "The Chevy Man"

I am so relieved to finally have a truck much less a Chevy. Can't tell you (because this is a family oriented show) what I would have done if I had to reform to buying a offense to the Ford folks. I just aint one of em!! So, yes Scott, in fact I was checking on a plane ticket yesterday as I was considering flying down to Oregon (since I am so much closer now...) to buy a Chevy from Hubbard Chevrolet. Anyone in the market for a Chevy will find personable service and 'no bull' sales at Hubbard Chevrolet. So if your in the market for a real truck, and in the Woodburn area of Oregon, go see Scott....'The Chevy Man' Hubbard Chevrolet. An honest deal, at the right price....because the 'Chevy Man' can! I would have buddy, but the right one came before I bought the ticket! Take care guys, we had a really great visit, and wished it could have been just a little bit longer. Next time....we are closer! ;)