Monday, June 4, 2007

At least I'm enjoyin the ride

Well guess what....Greg didn't endure the "bumpity bump", we didn't make it as far as Mt Angel, and in fact are holed up in a motel as I write! And, yes, that prosthesis I mentioned in an earlier post may well be a reality!! Oh what a day man. We started at 7:30 this morning and only made it as far as Roseburg Oregon. It was 7:00PM, we were all tired as all get go, I was famished, and just didn't see the sense in continuing further. So we checked in to a really nice Best Western that serves a hot breakfast in the morning, has 2 of those little complimentary bottles of water, and the best thing in the whole world....they have a 'cookie bar' from 8:00-9:00PM with fresh Otis Spunkmeyer cookies, and milk, tea or coffee. Right on! My kind of motel. So the tentative plan is to head out relatively early in the morning and continue on to Mt Angel. Now, truth be known, it's not like we didn't know that the trip would be longer than what would usually be in an ordinary vehicle because we did. But the "U Drive death trap" was slower, and more unstable than we could possibly have anticipated. Oh I overcame and tamed the beast....quite effectively I might add. But none the less it was a long arduous drive today. We will have to be a little more generous in our time planning from here on out. The ferry thing.... I don't know. Basically we were told that "what they don't know wont hurt them" by the ferry rep today. He felt it wouldn't pose a problem since the truck will be in a commercial truck bay on the ferry, and that they don't walk out with a tape measure to check the length. So maybe we will just be there like way early to be the first loaded....let the late guy get bumped for less 2 feet! I don't know. I am, I know it will all work out. Hey, we haven't come this far to be knocked off for just 2 foot 3 inches. Stay tuned to that little technicality. We did manage to get a room that takes dogs, so our doggies are here with us and pretty darned stoked about it all! Well, I have a half an hour before the cookie bar closes so I gotta get going. They even have free wireless here. Is that cool or what. A cookie bar and wireless.... We will keep everyone informed. I guess the highlight of the day was when I got the moving truck on 2 wheels going around an off ramp today. Maryann and John were quite impressed.....although I was clueless of the whole thing until they told me about it at lunch. Just another one of those things about the death trap that is very, very disfunctional. NO STABILITY! Good night, and our love to all.

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