Thursday, June 7, 2007

Not as good as the cookie bar. But.

Finally a chance to unwind. As you may have guessed, the past week has been one of chores, work and no rest. But. Tonight was my first chance to check out my new toy. Maryann and John gave me an early birthday gift last week. An ipod! Which anyone who knows me knows I am not too much into the techie scene. But this is cool. I can tune everyone out, enjoy my favorite music which anyone who knows me knows I love music....nothing left to do but smile, smile, smile...

: = ] Maryann and John struggled to get some music downloaded for me before we left the other night, in fact most of it was done with CDs we brought for the trip in the truck, while we were at my folks' house. Beings that when the ipod arrived at our place, everything was pretty much already packed. Kudos to them and their heartfelt effort. They wanted me to have some tunes for the journey! Now the righteous thing about this Best Western Motel here in Bellingham, is that they not only have wireless....but DSL and....a workout room! That by no means replaces the lack of a cookie bar, but it will have to do. So tonight I strapped on my ipod, and accompanied by my beautiful wife, went to the workout room, mounted a stationary bike and rode to my hearts delight with some 'Phish' to guide me the way. What have I been missing all these years?! Feel great now, am wiped out....but still rockin...and ready to engage in a deep restful sleep tonight. Also, I feel no more guilt for that Chinese buffet we had across the street for dinner tonight. Or the soft serve ice cream I had for dessert.....yeah! So that is the latest from Alaska or bust' central. Maryann and I are gonna walk over to Fred Meyers now to get some snackage for the boat. So sleep tight out there and if you haven't got an ipod yet....go get one....these things are kinda cool! Good night.


carol said...

Hi, Keep looking for you next blog. Can't wait to find out what happen's. Everything will be fine, no matter how it looks at the time. Soon you will be saying, Wow, we have been her 2 years already. You'll see. My husband always said life was like a roll of toilt paper, the closer you get to the end, tha faster it goes. Believe me, he is right.

teresa said...

Hey guys you are the luckest family that I know. We miss you everytime I see a white chev coming I think I think its you guys miss you alot but I wish you the best because you followed your dream