Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Just Another Day In Juneau.....

Good Morning again from Juneau, Ak. After a very much needed rest (in a bed) showers and laundry done we are again off. After taking the dogs for a walk I went back out to show you some of the local fauna here in Juneau. Now remember there is almost 20 hours of daylight.
The top picture is of a spruce pinecone (much different than ones from the Stanislaus Forest but still beautiful). The second pic is of this cabbage like plant growing in a wet bog behind the hotel here. Turn your head or computer sideways and look at it closely. I'm sorry again, I haven't quite figured out how to turn the photo yet. Give me a break.... This cabbage like plant is as tall as I am, NO JOKE. And I'm 5'2inches tall. Different huh? :0) I am just amazed and so excited of all the new fauna I will be seeing and learning about. Apparently this cabbage like plant sends up a large (taller than the plant) flower. I can't wait to see that.
Another bit of info for some of you, Alaska time is always an hour behind Pacific Standard Time. So for people like yourself 'Kelli" in Idaho, I am 2 hours behind your time. :0) So I just wanted to let you know. By the way, Kelli thanks for the mesg. I will call you when I get home....
Oh, the other thing I wanted to mention. The ravens here are huge, they make this small dog barking sound. Greg was standing outside wondering who was allowing their dog to continually bark at him. He looked up and it was a raven. They are twice the size of ours in Dorrington, amazing. I will try to get a pic of one today so you can see.
As of this a.m the temp in Kenai is 44degrees with the highs today being between 55-60. With 18 hours and 56 minutes of daylight. The lower you go in Alaska the more sunlight you have and vice versa, the higher you go in Alaska the less sunlight.
Take care and we will be posting soon. Oh and wish Greg a Happy 40th tomorrow. We will be celebrating his birthday when we get home. What a birthday present huh? :0)
Love you all, Maryann

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