Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Arctic Time, The Wood Whore Begins and Skunk Cabbage, Oh My

Another beautiful day here in Nikiski. Yesterday it was so clear that you could see all of the volcanoes (Augustine, Iliamna, Redoubt and Spur). Yes, we are within the Ring of Fire, woo hoo! It is so cool driving along the hwy coming home and seeing the spruce tree forest on the right and the Cook Inlet and mountain range on the left, gorgeous, I just cannot describe it.
I posted 2 photos one of Cherokee (on his new pillow) and the other is of the house looking from the path from the lake towards the house. The fauna is growing so fast due to the amount of sunlight we get that the house is being inundated by it. Our lawn around the house and garage is over 8 inches tall, we still need to find a mower and the fireweed (which is prevalent throughout our yard grows up to 10feet tall, it is now 5ft tall). John and I are surprised daily on how fast everything is growing. We've been measuring the growth and after one day the plants we're tracking have grown over 5inches, overnight. I wish you could be up here to experience this 20 hours of daylight, it's truly incredible. I woke up last night to get a drink of water, there was fog on the lake, it was breathtaking.
I've heard from one person(a native Alaskan) besides Greg that we're suffering/enjoying being on "Arctic Time". This is when you go to bed at midnight ( the sun is still up, but you finally feel sleepy), you wake up at 10am have coffee, start your day and run your errands up to 5pm (and wonder why everything is beginning to close, even when the sun is still up), eat dinner at 9pm (because for some reason your very hungry), to go to bed again at midnight. This has been us, NO JOKE! This has been our schedule daily, I'm wondering what the winter is going to be like... Am I going to constantly feel sleepy? Yawn continually? Will my bed keep whispering to me, " Come here, you want to come to me and crawl into my warm and secure abyss..) ???? I am very curious. This is what is so exciting about taking this jump. When Greg and I were here in November we didn't feel that way, constantly sleepy, no. We'll see, until then I'm loving being on "Arctic Time" and wish you all could experience this.
Oh, and I can't wait to post a new picture of the beginnings of Greg, The Wood Whore's Virgin Pile of Firewood, that he has been bringing home, daily. I will post that tomorrow. I've got to keep some of you out there in suspense..... :0)
Just a footnote: another Alaskan told me that that first pic of the weird cabbage I took back in Juneau is called "Skunk Cabbage" for it's rare smell that oddly resembles a pot farm.... :) Too hilarious. Thought you would want to know.. ;) Love ya, M.

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