Saturday, June 2, 2007

...the mate was a mighty sailing man, the skipper brave and sure....

.....five pasengers set sail that day on a 12 day tour. A 12 day tour.
Now, look closely, you may see Greg and John standing between the SHIP and the Chevelle, can you see the scale of it all?

Alright, we're staying at our friends home a few blocks from our home now owned by the Hulmes' (we wish you many happy memories with your family, friends and your dogs). :0)Thank you again for everything. Stay in touch we'd love to know how your doing and we'll do the same.

Leaving the cabin today was the hardest thing to do besides putting up the for sale signs. But we're looking at it as just one more step toward our future. No looking back, right? So as of early tomorrow morning we will be hitting the road and see where we end up. Spontaneity is great right? It makes life more exciting knowing we may be sleeping in a bed or in the truck, who knows. So today was spent sleeping, (because after the 2 days we've had believe me we've needed it) reorganizing the Chevelle, (it's packed too) reorganizing the Tahoe and the front seat of the moving truck. Our kayaks didn't fit in the truck so they are now on top of the Tahoe which shouldn't be a problem with the ferry company. (A fact of possible interest; the yellow kayak was formally owned by no other than Olivia Newton joke, I am serious.) Although I will be calling tomorrow anyway just to be sure. John requested to drive the Chevelle again after seeing the Tahoe completely packed to the hilt and kayaks on top, John said, "I don't want to look like a RedNeck." I laughed of course and shook my head. Oh no, your not driving the Chevelle. You see, Greg doesn't allow anyone to drive the Chevelle. I've driven it maybe twice so believe me I have first dibs. :0)

Greg and I drove down to Subway tonight to retrieve dinner and one of the ropes on top holding down the kayaks starting banging on top of the truck and I was sure John and I would have to endure Chinese Mind Torture the distance to Bellingham, Wa. But my wonderful husband came through and it looks like we will not have to endure the torture. :)

I have uploaded a picture of the Behemoth Size Moving Truck (thank god we're not driving through Canada and the Yukon-we'd really be supporting OPEC.) When I first saw the thing I was shocked they manufactured something so gargantuan. It reminds me of what Alaskans call "Landships" which are RV's, you know, the really BIG ones. Watching Greg maneuver the truck out into busy Stockton traffic was another miracle in itself. Thank you Ted for teaching Greg how to drive such a SHIP! I would have never moved. :) I have realized there will be no 75 mph speed on this trip, I will be the one behind the SHIP driving a maximum speed of 45mph (complete freeway hazard) with my hazard lights on. I will be sucking leather (this is when your other cheeks suck the leather of your car seats) . Do you understand? Yeah, that will be me and John will be watching his dvd or listening to his Ipod, not having a care in the world. Oh god please have mercy on us we're 3 crazy nuts moving to Alaska with our two dogs in tow. But, we're no longer packing, stacking or throwing out, YEE HAW!!!!!

Oh, by the way, to all of you that called because you heard about our dilemma with not fitting all of our possessions on the truck (your all so sweet), we're doing much better today and I am sure it will soon be behind us. Just picture my house being really MINIMAL, you know, when you can roller skate through out the house, yeah that will be mine. And like a friend said recently, "you will have plenty of time to fill it." Yes, you were right, thanks for reminding me of that. ;0)

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carol said...

Hi, Thanks for the update, can't wait to see what happens. Drive carefully and keep sailing.