Monday, June 4, 2007

Remove the Bumper......!?!?! WHAT!

Good Morning. Well after a long needed few days of rest and such an eventful move we are on our way. Next stop Mt. Angel, Oregon to stay with family. Keep your fingers crossed that Greg can endure the bumpity bump bump down the road. :0) Because if he can't we will be stopping at the nearest hotel.
Now, if ever we needed some positive thoughts and prayers, this is the time. Greg happened to be getting out of the moving truck yesterday and noticed that the specs on the truck said that it was 34 ft long. After, racing in to check our ferry reservations, it said we have scheduled a 32 ft truck. After calling the reservation line, the cust. service agent said we would have to remove a bumper......WHAT! Is she serious. According to the ferry lines this ferry's been booked now for a month, they can't fabricate 2 feet to accomodate us. Isn't it just like Alaska to ask you to remove a bumper, and you wonder why we want to live there. :) So, Greg has a call to do on the road this morning at 7:30 am (that should be somewhere north of Sacramento). Send all of your good thoughts that we fit (didn't we just deal with an issue of, "Will it fit?" ) on the ferry and know before we get there.
Take care and we will keep you informed on the journey. Thanks Carol for your positive thoughts, we need you to send more. :0)
Greg, Maryann, John, Cherokee and Kenai