Monday, June 11, 2007

Scenes from the Ship

From the top left is a cabin on the water in Peterburg, Ak. We were standing on the top deck of the ship and the occupants in the cabin were waving at us. Very friendly....
Now, look closely at the top right photo. You will see one of MANY Bald eagles we saw on our way. If you can blow this photo up you will see many other "white heads" of bald eagles in the other trees behind this one. Bald eagles are so common in Alaska that people stop looking at them. Not me, I am amazed by their beauty and their way of handling such harsh winters. We cruised by trees FULL of eagles and they were soaring everywhere, above us and in and out of large spruce forests. Incredible. As soon as I woke to my first eagle in flight yesterday, I felt immediately like I was home. I cannot explain it. I think I lived my last life here and now I just feel at home again. Weird huh?
Ok, the bottom left photo was taken in Ketchikan from the dock. Do you see the boats and cars sitting on top of the containers? We're so glad we never did this with the Chevelle. Greg would have seen this and killed over right there....ya think? Stay tuned, I'm still posting more, before I hit the bed.....we've been up since 4am. love you all and miss you, Maryann

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