Friday, June 22, 2007

A Happy Man Again

Greg found a work truck, yippee.... He's a happy man, it 's been over a month and a half since he sold his last truck. He felt like he had lost a leg not having a vehicle. Do you blame him? So anyway he's a happy man tonight. Thanks for the positive thoughts, I was beginning to wonder if we'd ever find a Chevy/Gmc. Now we need to get Johns....

I have taken a couple of photos of the outside of the house but they aren't the best due to a forest fire that is sending smoke our direction. I took an awesome picture of the sun completely red last night, so sad that something so beautiful could come from something so terrible. I will take shots tomorrow if it's not raining (a storm is coming in tonight.) We'll see.

Johns first meeting last night with the fire dept was cancelled because the firemen from his firehouse are on the fire. So we'll hopefully get him there next week, he's excited. John will also possibly be working at a fish processing plant a few miles from our house, they're just waiting on a work permit.

As to Greg and Johns fishing yesterday, they didn't catch a thing. And because it was Summer Solstice I didn't sleep a wink again because of the sunlight streaming into our bedroom windows through the blinds. But it's better than NO Sun right? :0)

Anyway, take care. Maryann

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