Monday, May 21, 2007

Woo Hoo!

Well good evening and a darned fine evening it is here at base camp! Finally, we have a resolution to our dilemma, we found out that in fact the seller had a logistical nightmare on her side with purchasing her soon to be new home. This is why there was a problem with the closing date. Now why on Gods green earth the sellers agent waited two weeks until now to say that....who knows. She has been coming across unreasonable and it seems like it was just stubbornness on the her part. We found out that in fact the seller of the log home did have a reason why she couldn't close on the 14th. Good news is the 13th is my birthday! So if that isn't a spiritual sign....what is?! The final word is that we close on June 13th. What of the 'walk through' you ask? Our realtor has offered to pay for one of us to fly in from our ferry layover in Juneau on the 12th. The lucky one (Maryann or I) will do the walk through, and sign the title so that it will record for our seller. Everyone walks away happy. Then our agent will drive the lucky one to Whittier the night of the 13th, and pay for the nights lodging so that we can regroup when the ferry lands in Whittier the morning of the 14th. From there, we happily head back to Nikiski, moving truck, Maryann's truck....and if John passes his drivers exam Thursday, the Chevelle and all our possessions(cant forget the doggies!). If he doesn't pass the exam, he has no license and the Chevelle has to be picked up the next day on our way back from dropping the moving truck off up in Anchorage. Confused yet? It is all complicated actually, but when you want it bad enough, you make it work. I got to eat dinner now and '24' starts in half an hour. Season finale tonight..... ;-)
Needless to say we are relieved and now have direction on the issue. Take care out there, and our love to all.

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