Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Holy crap....that thing is long!

Such were the words of Maryann when she saw the moving truck tonight...well, I edited those words because this is a family show! On the other hand, "will it all fit?" has been the long question eminating through our minds and home the past 2 months. Well, tonight we picked up the behemoth and we will soon find out the answer to that ever deepening question. I was a little surprised in the beginning of the reservation process several months ago as they told me they needed to get new trucks up to Alaska and would give me a screaming deal and a newer truck. They did and boy was I excited. Its got only 36,000 miles on it, has an air conditioner equipped with the 'arctic blast' feature which gave me t.h.o.'s!! ;) No CD player.....what? We put probes on Mars and we don't have a CD player in a new UHaul truck?! I asked Maryann and John if they were going to help out with the driving of it to give me a break once and a while on the road, and was given a swift, definite and certain....NO WAY! The size is rather intimidating I suppose. Years ago when I was younger and more sexy...."in my playing weight" lol......I had a friend, Ted, who drove an 18 wheeler semi to Southern California from Stockton once a week to deliver and pick up shipping from their companies' warehouse down there. I did many road trips with Ted as he taught me how to drive his truck, as I worked towards obtaining my 'class A' license. So I had plenty of experience behind the wheel of a 'big rig' driving with him, which mind you belittles the behemoth death trap I drove home tonight. At 29 feet long, it doesn't compare to Teds 63 foot semi, powered by a 350 Cummings diesel engine and the amenities a drivers truck should be equipped with. First off, Teds truck had air ride....I am going to need a prosthtetic ass implant after this journey! Teds truck had cushioned comfy seats.....this is like sitting in a plywood chair with a roll or two of Charmin to pad it. Teds truck had a serious tune system....I hope I have a long set-list of merry songs to serenade myself! Am I complaining....possibly!! One would think that a 'new' truck would have a little more comfort and extras. After all, that is all you do in these things is drive, right?! So Thursday will be spent loading and cringing as we find out the prying question....will it all fit! Wish us luck. As for the long haul in this rolling rider....Ted where are you when I need you now?! :-) Stay tuned as we will update you on the outcome of our loading crap-shoot! We are feeling little to no apprehension and alot of excitement and an overwhelming desire to get on the road. Good night for now.

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