Friday, May 4, 2007

In its time.

Today was another of what will be many mileposts in our journey. Due to logistical reasons, we planned from day one to sell my work truck, our Bronco, and keep Maryann's Tahoe, while towing my Chevelle behind the moving truck to Bellingham WA, where we would dump the trailer and drive the Chevelle, Tahoe, and the moving truck onto the ferry and then to our new home base once we landed in Alaska. I guess we worried about the two vehicles maybe not selling before we left and the implications this would pose. Major implications. It took 'letting go' and allowing the powers that be to do their work. The Bronco has sold, although we are able to keep it until we leave, thanks to the generosity of our good friends that bought it for their daughter. And today....... :{ truck sold. Honestly it feels like I lost my right leg. Again, thanks to the blessed help and hard work of another very good friend (and the mercy of mother nature and mild weather), I was able to kick in full gear the past month and get allot of the heavy work that required my truck, done. From here on out my work will be workable with the Broco and other alternatives. Now mind you this current event is good....really good. I got a descent amount for the truck, and I don't have to worry about..."what if it doesn't sell before we leave?" So lets take a second and say..."right on, man!" It does close the end of an era however. Anyone who saw 'the big red beast' rolling down the highway thought...."Greg". And anyone who saw Greg thought...."the big red beast!" Many memories, and 'the big red beast' did take good care of me....many times. Lets look at this from the perspective of, in order to 'gain', we have to accept some kind of 'loss'. As humans we tend to fear the discomfort of 'loss', or change. Lets face it, it is uncomfortable and frankly scary. This can easily lead us to fall into a comfort zone, which can cause us to just be content with 'as is' and never seek the gain we may desire. There will be allot of these changes to come for us. For everyone actually. But we have to look at it as letting something go in order to achieve what we truly desire. In order to get that promotion, we have to put in those strenuous hours, kiss the bosses a#*, etc, right!? ;) Case in point, I will find a new truck when we get there, and it will be a new and rewarding experience, and new highways to christen. It will be ultimately in the name of achieving positive gain. That is after all what this whole experience is about. Lets face it, if not for positive gain, you wouldn't be reading this blog! True, I did experience a moment of sadness closing this fabled chapter, but after that brief moment of sadness I was overwhelmed with the joy that this simple accomplishment has paved in the name of gain. No matter the fear or uncertainty, just step will all come together in its time. The big red beast is blazing new territory and memories for a great young man tonight as we speak. God bless.



sandy said...


sandy said...

hay greg its me cuz your right everything happens where and when its suposed to remember gods in control so sit back and enjoy the ride it will all fall in to place as it should you have to step out on faith my cuz we made a long journey and we were fine and you guys will be also even if there are setbacks member keep your faith much love san