Thursday, May 24, 2007

Moving right along

Good afternoon. We wanted to update on the progress with everything. I posted a pic of the 'happy bunch'. That was taken in June by some unsuspecting tourist. Behind us is a speck of the Chugach mountain range. Ever notice how tall John is?
As of today, the final inspections on the Nikiski home, the well and septic, are done and passed with flying colors. This finalizes everything there and we are golden! We have reached the finalization of our loan for the new home as well. The docs will be sent to title down here on June 1st for us to sign, and then with monies for the closing costs will be resent back to title in Kenai. As it happens I will be the one to fly in from Juneau to arrive on the 13th to do the walk through and record. Now, for the record.....I wanted Maryann to go ahead. She told me I was more technical...... :-/ ...... In other words....'Greg we are counting on you and if anything is wrong it's your ass.....' Yeah. So thanks Maryann!! Actually I would have been fine with her going and in fact encouraged it. No matter who goes it will be a little sad watching my family and everything I own sail out of port in Juneau, and the 2 days separated will be lonely for all of us. But, it is the only way to make it work, aside from fouling up the transaction. I spent the day packing....I am officially semi-retired now! ;) I wondered a couple months ago how I would feel come about now. I mean what I would feel as I packed. You know, it was actually exciting. The anticipation for whats about to come is awesome right now. For all those who are chomping at the bit, nervous for us.....don't be. We have passed 'scared', we have passed 'nervous'. We have a deep certainty of where we stand now, and our emotional state is one of courage, determination, and just wanting to put our feet down and start making it happen in Alaska, quite the way we did here 15 years ago. It is amazing the series and range of feelings we have experienced since the day we decided to list our cabin.

We did get our party Tuesday night and nobody came. Talk about disappointment. NOT! It was really fun. It was so nice to see everybody we know in town in the same place at once. Everyone enjoyed it. There were a few people we expected and/or hoped for that didn't show, but it was great as was. We even had people show up the next night there at Round Table wanting to rage on......whoops! So I sign off with a sense of accomplishment, not only with the completeness of the days events, but with knowing how Maryann, John and myself made Dorrington and the Arnold community our home. The friends we made, the ties and bonds we created. The impacts we had on others and the impact others had on us. The inspirations and the dreams we were a part of here. The memories we will hold in our hearts forever are priceless. We are feeling good, happy with all we have done and frankly....we're moving right along (chug a dug chug a dug)!

Oh, John passed his drivers exam today! So stay off the sidewalks..... Just kidding...about the sidewalk thing! So we do have our back up driver for the dock event in Juneau. Take care man!


DBlum said...

Hi Maryanne, I finally had a minute and checked out your it wonderful, Greg is a great writer. Sounds like things are going well...the new digs look cool. I will keep checking out your blog, hope the rest of the move goes smooth. Cheers, Diane

JP-Unit said...

hello there! i love reading your blog! i like that picture of you guys {johns hair was LONG!} That was sorta mean, john is a decent driver & i think he'll know not to drive on the sidewalks, hopefully! xoxo the pretty, little princess=]