Sunday, May 13, 2007

Realize what you have.....and appreciate it

Wow, I love getting on this to check for messages from others and reading what my husband wrote the night before. What he is not telling you is that he loves and I do mean loves to fly in those smaller planes (I have to confess I loved it too) . Greg writes such compelling entries, doesn't he?

So yesterday was another phase in our life. In and around the Arnold area Greg has always been referred to as the WoodWhore, because he would always be loading/unloading firewood at our home or elsewhere and it was Never For Sale. And let me tell you, when I would say, "Honey, do you think that that is enough? " Greg would say, "Honey, it's never enough." Well that changed as of yesterday. We hauled ALL of the firewood over to a friends house, when all was said and done Greg and I and John looked at the empty wood shed and said Wow. It kind of brings a tear to your eye knowing what we've built and accomplished on our little piece of heaven is quickly disappearing to be someone else's little piece of heaven. Although, we immediately got together as a family unit and described what life will be like in our New piece of heaven, and yes, this means starting over with cutting out dead trees on our property (bark beetle kill) and restarting Gregs new history as the Alaska Woodwhore. We immediately were pleased and moved on. Then I woke up this morning and it was below 60 degrees in the house and immediately realized what was a habit to walk out and retrieve firewood for that wonderful warm glow in our greatroom was no more (we have always heated our home with wood never using the electric spaceheaters) and how wonderful of a husband and son that I have that always made sure to bring home that firewood . :0( Those simple luxuries even though by habit mean so much..... Thank you Greg for always being the Woodwhore. :0)

I have to end my blog on a special note, Happy Mother's Day to all of the mothers out there reading this. To Joann (Gregs Mom) and mine, Diane, oh and my little sis Alicia take some time out for yourself today. As for me, I am here at home enjoying myself, packing, stacking and contemplating on what Mother's Day next year will be like. Wonderful! And yes, my great room overlooking that beautiful lake will be warm and inviting. Take care, M.

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Dan Stokley said...

Well, I had to laugh at this blog... I do remember the times when I would come to visit you all and I would look out the back window and see the many different stacks of wood.. Greg had his little set up of the kindling, logs, bark, etc... Just a quick thought and note from me... Oh, yea, one more thought... Greg, remember the time you TORCHED the sweet Italian sausages on the grill when I came for a visit... We still ate them!!! Yummy.... Later on.. Love ya all