Tuesday, May 8, 2007

See Ya Later

Hello There, well slowly but surely we're coming down to the wire.

I couldn't figure out why I was feeling kind of down in the dumps today. Could it be, allergies, class, life itself? So, it dawned on me, I have alot less work (and your thinking,"isn't this what you wanted Maryann?"). Of course it's what I want maybe it just hasn't sunk in that everything (work, etc) has to wind down to a stop. Reality is approaching.... Maybe the blues have come from calling that final customer/friend and telling them the news (which I did today). I have had a few customers that surprised me by just saying, "well, do you have a reference?" I was shocked, you mean your not excited for me or wondering where I am going? I guess you find out who was business oriented only and wanted no personal relationship whatsoever. Maybe I was just always friendly and thought they felt the same (you know, wanted to know me as a person). This my friend isn't always the case. I have to tell you I was stunned. However, I have had the majority of my customers/friends very excited and wanting to know all of the details on our trip. These people I can say I will be staying in touch with far from now. These people I felt sad telling them I would no longer be taking care of their home away from home. One of those people was Susan from Bay Alarm, a wonderful, full of life person I always enjoyed speaking to even if it was to just say Hi. Although there were many times I didn't want to call her.... you know what I mean Susan. Teresa (my referral) and her husband, Greg and I met with Susan today for our last lunch together we had a good time it was difficult saying Goodbye. I do not want to say Goodbye, I just want to say, See Ya Later. Because you just never know. :0) So maybe this is why I am down in the dumps today. To all of you out there reading this, when that time comes and I give you that last hug don't say Goodbye, say See ya later.

Wonderful people are put into other peoples lives for a reason and business, life in general, money, all of that really doesn't matter. We are all in this game of Life together why not enjoy it? To all of my customers that I consider friends and you know who you are because we had extensive conversations when I spoke to you about our move-I'm extending again my heartfelt appreciation for trusting us with your peace of heaven and know we enjoyed working for you immensely. You will be missed. Take care, M.

Oh, Susan-we may be calling you for more soap..... :0) just joking.....

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C. Miner said...

Buck up little camper! Remember, the word 'business' and the word 'friendship' are spelled differently. Seldom do you find the two intermixed. Consider yourself fortunate to have been able to experience such a thing, as it takes an attracting personality to makes friends out of clients. As for those who chose not to entertain such an experience...it is their lose. With such a unique personality, you will find that you go far in this life. Move on now, and enjoy the ride!