Friday, May 11, 2007

An update to yesterdays post.

Just a quick update tonight. That going away party I mentioned yesterday..... The date has been changed. It is Tuesday May 22nd at Round Table Pizza in Arnold. Not sure why, but I found out of the change today. Carol, thanks for the advice. Maryann speaks highly of you, alot. That is actually what we are trying to convince the selling agent of right now. We can have all the docs signed and everything ready to go at the title company in Kenai, before we arrive. The problem is that the original contract stated June 13th as the closing date, and we wont be there until June 14th to do the walk through. Again, without saying too much, this should have been taken care of the day after the offer was accepted, and we found out that in fact it wasn't. She is not receptive to extending the closing date to June 14th. As I said, she is stubborn. I would like to say a few other things in my mind, but this is a wholesome family show. ;) So we will hope for the best. I am in the works of an emergency alternative. Being that I could fly a bush plane from Juneau to Kenai on the 12th after I get the vehicles and family onto the gulf crossing ferry, and with a 'power of attorney' for Maryann, can do the walk through on June 13th, and close the deal then. The problem is two things. I would have to pay out money for a plane and rental car to do this, which I dont think is right since I am doing my best to work out an alternative, with the other party not willing to budge. And, then I have to find a way to get back to Whitier on June 14th at 7:30 AM to drive back the moving truck to Kenai, which means I have to try and find a ride there. Just is a pain in the butt this way, but is an option if all other options become futile. Lets just say a prayer that she comes to reason. Thanks again for your comment, it is great to hear from you. We really appreciate it and are glad you are enjoying the blog! I know Maryann is going to miss you and everyone else in her class. Take care Carol, and good night to all!


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