Saturday, May 19, 2007

Shiny happy people.

For a start I give you a "shiny happy people" moment....a picture from June of John and his prize 28", 34 pound salmon. Is that one huge kool-aid smile or what?! He caught this in Homer on the 'spit'! Remember the 'spit'?!! (he really wasn't standing sideways)

Maryann and I just got back from a last minute visit tonight with two of our friends, Steve and Bev. It was literally last minute, as the initial conversation went something like...."Hey Bev, we're in front of Big Trees Market looking for something to do (at 8:00 PM), you and Steve up for company?...." Bev and Steve are two awesome people. We had the honor of spending time with them many times since we met, and unfortunately not as much as we would have liked. The important point I am making of all of this is that after we saw them tonight we left feeling a little more 'balanced' as we did when we wearily showed up at their front door. Thanks guys, we really needed it tonight. Your gonna be missed! You see, today is a happy day for many people. Maryanne and John are happy because they have a well earned commission. Phil and Leanne are happy because they have a mountain paradise now. Greg and Maryann are happy because they have a phat bank account. The title company, the mortgage lender....everyone is happy today. Due in part to the fact that as of yesterday, we closed escrow on our cabin here in Dorrington. We are officially tenants until June 1st, and of course as well as a chapter closed in our lives....a huge chapter, we are one step closer to a long time dream. But with that happiness came and unexpected surge of sluggishness. I guess we didn't expect it, but it hit home today (pardon the pun) when we woke up and realized our home is not ours. Now don't get sad or teary eyed for great sake! I mean every downside has its upside. We are just fine. But nonetheless it was reality, and lets face it.....sometimes reality bites! The important thing here is now we have what we need to gain our new place in Nikiski. And we have an unprecedented courage to take the next step foreward. But I have to say that the visit with our friends tonight was just what the doctor ordered. I will go to sleep tonight feeling better than this morning, and with one more great memory under my belt, as it was a very pleasant time with Bev and Steve tonight. Thanks to our dream and the help and encouragement we had from many to act on our dream, there are a few more shiny happy people in the world tonight. Congratulations Phil and Leanne! As for us, we're headin north! Good night.

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Dan Stokley said...

I can not believe the picture of 'little' Johnny... He grew fast!!!