Monday, May 28, 2007

Cake Masacre What Fun

Ok, Maryann here, I have to clarify something Greg said in his last post. I asked Greg to go ahead and do the walk thru only because as a woman and artist, I'm prone to looking at objects that are not relevant to the situation. For example, the lake (don't forget we saw this home last when there was snow on the ground) the property, the beauty of it all and oh by the way what color should I paint the walls, that bookcase could use some sanding and so on. I am not going to be checking if the heater in the garage is there or whether the furnace has walked. Do you see what I mean? :0) All you ladies out there understand don't you? Now believe me I would have rather done the walk thru because this would mean I would potentially have to BACK ON the MOVING TRUCK (the 26 foot long truck) onto the ferry by my little lonesome, I THINK NOT!!!!! I explained to Greg that I was never taught to use my side mirrors on my truck for backing up. He says, well now you'll get to learn. I don't think so. I will be waving a $50 bill on the deck of the boat asking for the nearest qualified MAN to do the job for me...... ;) And that's how a woman does that. So believe me, I would have loved to have done the walk thru but I would rather wave the 50..... And don't forget it will be John and I on the last sailing from Juneau to Whittier, I didn't want to miss the many glaciers we will be passing along the journey to do the walk thru, got me? So, hopefully Greg will be flying out of Juneau late enough that he can just load the truck onto the ferry for me and hitch a ride to the airport there after. Wish us, no, wish me luck on this one.

Now, Gregs parents held a Going Away Party for us yesterday, what fun. The Travale Family always puts on a party. Greg, John and I have to thank Aunt Jane for her "Coming out of the box" with the cutting of our cake. Now, you have to understand as long as I've been in the family-oh 16 yrs-there's a way of cutting the cake. The elders always let everyone know (25-50 family members) that they are about to and you wait in line for your piece. Well, let me tell you, all of us young ones (Cooler ones) were having our dinners in the house and the cake by happenstance was sitting in the middle of the dining table and as we all ate our dinners we happen to be looking at the cake (this mind you is the elders worst nightmare). The participants to this event were, Liz, Deni, Aunt Christine, Juli, jenny, Shannon, John, Greg, myself and Aunt Jane (our Cake SuperHero). Dinners were done and we were staring and talking about the cake. Now Uncle Sam purchased the cake and told Greg and I earlier in the day that half of this (oh, 2 1/2 ft by 1 foot cake) was vanilla and the other half chocolate. What started the masacre was everyone egging Greg on to check to see what side was vanilla/choc. The holes were then excavated and the beautiful flowers started being plucked. I won't say who started that. The entire time there was giggling and thoughts of one of the elders popping in unsuspectingly. Oh dear, we couldn't have that so we shut the doors, the entire time more flowers were disappearing, more laughter was being heard, more excavation holes were being dug and then the primal sin, Aunt Jane with the knife and plates. Again everyone else at the party was outside enjoying the weather and such. Usually the elders cut the cakes in precise straight lines and serve accordingly, "would you like a side piece, middle or with a flower?" Oh, these questions were asked but unorthodox cutting was taking place and by the time we were all sitting around the table eating our cake, the poor cake looked like savages had attacked it. :0) Lovingly of course. This entire event was photographed, we are all being held accountable for our participation although when all was said and done, we were happy with the outcome. Because on that day, when they held our Going Away Party all of us cousins, aunts, second cousins were in having a blast snickering on what would happen to us when the elders caught on to what we were doing. I don't think our party could have been better, these events are what makes memories and will always send us into a fit of laughter and tears. I thank everyone who participated, hid or tried to hide the evidence made this special day. Cutting Cake at family get togethers will never be the same and you WILL think of us. :0) And to you, Aunt Jane, you are our CAKE SUPERHERO thank you from the bottom of our hearts for having the courage to stand up and take on the job and the rath you may have endured later. :0) We love you all and will miss you terribly. Oh, thanks for the cake Uncle Sam, it was a terrific hit! And just for the record everyone else did get cake.

Until next time, we're packing, stacking (and it's getting high) installing our wireless connection card to keep you all posted on the journey and praying that one doesn't have to BACK ON the 26 ft moving truck onto a moving platform, oh my....... Love ya M.

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