Tuesday, May 29, 2007

A farewell to friends

I will be keeping it very short tonight. If you have been keeping up on things then you know that tommorrow is the 30th. That is 2 days until we part for an incredable journey. The past few days have been spent winding up our lives here. From packing to finalizing the details of the trip....and saying a farewell to friends. Never think for a minute that this is a regretful move for us. We are very excited, and dont regret a thing of what we are doing. But despite the excitement I have to share the sorrow. I speak as well for Maryann; today we spent a good part of the day bidding part, from alot of those we have called friends and in fact have been a part of our extended family. These friends were our tribe! These were a part of our lives these past 15 years....a huge part. We love you, all very much and you will be so missed. Thank god for the memories. We will be back to visit this community, yes you can bet on it and you all will know when that time comes. To everyone which includes us....never ever take for granted the time you have with friends and loved ones. We all get busy, but please find the time to spend with those who surround you. They will understand if you dont, but someday you may wish you had spent more time. Tonight closed a chapter....it was hard to walk away. Good night.

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