Thursday, May 10, 2007

Just breathe....

Good advice..... I had to do just that, or maybe still need to....a little! Been a wild past two days here. A lot of people told us that the days will start to click away faster as we get closer, and they weren't joking. It is hard to believe how fast it is rolling now. Personally, it has been an accomplishing couple of days for me. I have put out for a few quotes for homeowners insurance for the home in Nikiski. So far I received one quote back, and hope that the other two come in by tomorrow. Obviously I am anxious to get this task done, as this is one of the things we need to finance the new place. I also applied and paid for a cell phone with a local number for Nikiski, through ACS, the telecommunications company there. I should have the number tomorrow, and will be receiving the phone sometime next week. Maryann and I agreed that we will keep our current cell service, as we do get great reception up there, for at least the first couple months to see how things go. The idea behind the cell with an Alaskan number is to be able to effectively conduct business up there while we get settled, without having to tie up our home line, and to have an accessible local number while we are down here or en route . We do have our new 'home' phone number, although it is only voice mail until we get there. Also, I should be receiving our new P.O.Box number in the next day or two. The footwork is definitely being laid. I have a contact there in Kenai, who is going to post some flyer's and hand out cards to perspective future clients, advertising my business before we arrive. If all goes well, hopefully we will have some work generated for my business by the time we get there. Just as soon as we get the P.O.Box number and the cell number I will be sending off some literature to him for advertising. It is a blessing that he is so willing to do this for me.

So now the kicker. Yesterday, we found out that there is a hitch in the closing date of our new home. And this is where I need to breathe..... You see, to make this as simple and least confusing as possible, we arrive by ferry in Whittier June 14th at 7:30AM. Then it is just a two hour drive to home from there. The original contract stated that the escrow will close on June 13th. Are you seeing the conflict yet? Now this is where it gets frustrating. This was supposed to be straightened out already...a long time ago. Keep in mind we cant change the ferry schedule.....we will be there June 14th! I found out yesterday that in fact this was never straightened out, and now the selling agent is flipping out because we need to be there June 13th to sign and record. The ferry doesn't arrive until June you see it. It aint gonna work! So now we wait. We wait while the powers that be (our agent and the stubborned selling agent) hammer out a solution. The selling agent is claiming ' a Houdini' on the original addendum for the change, and our agent, bless her, is pulling her hair out trying to reason with an unreasonable selling agent. Do ya know what it is like to be in limbo, waiting!?! Brings to mind a piece from an old Johnny Cash song. The chorus goes...."the one on the left was...on the right, and the one in the middle was...on the left, and the one on the right was in the middle and the guy in the rear... (that would be me) said, 'oh dear'." Inevitably, I am sure it will be fine. It is just annoying that this has popped up now (although I guess that's better than two weeks from now, right?). The good news is that there is a couple ways it can play out to honor both parties' needs. Just may be a tad inconvenient for one of the other or both. Ok, so this is where faith comes in. We are however going to close on our home here on May 18th, and everything seems to be fine on this end. Johnny Cash won't be singin' at this signing! So there you have it, the progress update with all of its glory, joy and frustration. An equal balance it seems! One last thing. We found out that a party is being thrown in our honor on Wednesday May 23rd from 5:00PM to 8:00PM at Round Table pizza in Arnold. Two very close and soon to be very missed friends of ours have put this together, and are requesting that the word be spread around town so everyone will know about it. I figure one of two things will happen: Either so many folks will show up that we will realize how many friends we have and we won't want to leave, or nobody will show, piss us off and make us want to get outta here even sooner! ;) So spread the word around town unless you want to be stuck with us, and anyone who is reading this is invited...although some of you will be traveling one long journey for pizza and a hug/hand shake!!!!

Remember, its all around us everyday; good and bad, joy and sad. Take it all in and just breathe! Good night.


carol said...

Hi, I typed a long message then couldn't send it, am trying to see it this username works. carol

carol said...

Hi Greg, Remembered my user name. I go to class with Maryanne, and we will miss her. I am enjoying your blog. I am a realestate agent since 78. Why can't they set up a signing at a title co. down here so that when you get there it will be ready to record right after your walk thru. Just a thought. My husband and I moved up here in 1970 with 2 young children. We moved to Rail Road Flat. It was probably more remote there at that time then where you are moving too. I am glad we did it and wouldn't trade the expernience for anything. There were a few things that happened that I would change but over all, I am very glad we did it. Hope in 37 years you can say the same thing. Of course you are moving from a much better place than we did. I thought the bay area was to populated even then. I am enjoying your blog. Thank you for including me. carol