Thursday, May 17, 2007

Good morning!!

Wakey wakey....eggs and bakey! Just wanted to send an update on progress...or lack of...with the transaction in Alaska. I had a motivating moment the other night when I came home and found several emails from the title company, the lender, and all the kings' men! Finally, we got back the appraisal report, and everything looks good. Next the well and septic inspections will finalize the process, and we can get to the documentation portion of the tour. Thanks Carol! We did what you suggested and both the title company up there as well as the title company down here are both very happy to accommodate. Refreshing for those of you going...huh? The title and lending company for the Alaska home, are going to overnight all of the docs down to our local title company for us to sign and send back before we leave here for the long road trip north. This way we have all our ducks in a line by the time we arrive on the 14th, and after the fabled 'walk through' of the log home, we can record that day. Seems easy, right?! Then we come back to the seller! She and her agent must be avid fans of the World Poker Tour. They are going to hold out until the final hour. We cant continue the paperwork for the loan, until they sign the addendum extending the close date to June 14th, the day we arrive, so that we can do the walk through. So far theey are spending more time ranting about it then just looking at it and seeing that it is harmless. In the mean time, I am devising a non-violent, I am not calling on the Italians! ;) Stay tuned for that plan....lets hope we dont have to pull it out of the bag. Lets send some prayer her way that she sees reason in the logic of a 'one' day delay, and her reasons for not, dissipate.

I leave you with a piece of fact. About a 45 minute drive from Kenai is a glacial fjord that extends off the Cook Inlet called the Turnagain Arm. Besides being just beautiful, there is a unique anomaly which takes place one time each day in the early summer months. Its referred to as the "tidal bore". No, it's not a wild pig that runs through the water.... Each day the incoming tide creates a tidal surge (the bore) that extends as far as the Portage Glacier. This wave is a hot spot not only for spectators of the spectacle in itself, but surfers and kyakers who ride this thing for sometimes as far as a mile. Mind you the size varies from day to day, but this phantom wave has been known to get pretty big. Interesting. I cant wait to check it out, personally. So I leave you with a pic of our son John and his surfing guru Noah....yeah, they'll be 'down' with the 'bore'! Have a great day!


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