Wednesday, May 2, 2007

The day after.

Yesterday marked a revelation in my mind regarding this huge undertaking. Not like I didn't already know it, but something about 'May 1st' hit home the fact that we had only 31 days left. Counting today that makes 30....holy crap! :{ As I mentioned we are closing escrow here on the 18th of May, and will continue to occupy until June 1st. I think the '31 day' thing has to do with the realization of how much has to still be done. More than just the obvious packing. Getting insurance on the new home, arranging cut off dates here and start times in Alaska for utilities, arranging for delivery of new appliances to the new place, the continual task of notifying clients that we are gone as of June 1st and referring them to other service people, setting up business there...from here! The list goes on, while we continue to work our business here. I think when you are at day 45, or yet still back at day 60 (those were the days!) it is less intimidating because time is on your side. Ironically it is a dreary rainy day, so it only helps amplify the 'day after' effect....blah! Oh, it will all pan out, it will. There is still plenty of time. I think 'May 1st' was a reality check, which in reality checked 'the day after'. Nevertheless it is a day to go down in blog history.

Also, I would like to retract yesterdays entry of daylight hours. Seems I got confused with the trauma of the 'May 1st' backlash and quoted more or less our daylight hours here. Actually there was 16 hours and 5 minutes of daylight in Kenai yesterday, with today being 16 hours and 10 minutes...and gaining! Thanks for all of the support and comments. We do appreciate it. Tracy, it was great hearing from you and we hope you stay in tune with us throughout. To all of those who remain we know who didn't raise their hands in class! We know your there.... ;) Stay focused with your goals. Love ya, Greg

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sandy said...

hay greg its me cuz well what can i say but im going to missssssssss you your going to love being out of calif its a totally diferent world out there we wish you guys lots of love on your journey i sent some pics of us from when i was there your mom will have them soon member when we were walking home from school when we were like in 4 grade and that deer ran by us down the street and scared the shit out of me well thats just one of my many fond memories of you there are to many to list well got to go much love to you guys be safe and god bless