Monday, July 30, 2007

Fire trucks, umpa-lumpa's, and wild life!

Sorry Dan, no pics of 'Sparky'! Don't ask why. Maybe the photographer was distracted by the presence of so many of Central Emergency Services' fire engines....or maybe it's because Sparky ditched the lens....I don't know man. But. There is a nice photo of one of the big trucks! Woo hoo!

Although not real clear in quality, there is also a pic of Maryann in the survival suit that so ranked her among her cohorts as an Umpa Lumpa, if you remember the post from a couple weeks back. She is the stoic looking one in the fore front who is thinking right about that point..."Oh crap. What have I gotten myself into now?" Cute. Johns behind her with that Kool-Aide smile thinking, "oh boy, I get to save mom...I hope...wait a minute...I'm not sure how to save anyone yet....oh crap!" The "oh crap" expression photo is the one we won't show.

Then there is one of our local resident bats, who apparently resides in our logs (the house) every season. Apparently this fella got impatient. What with so much daylight, they are left with a small window of night flying time, seeins how they don't like to fly during the day. He jumped his gun a little prematurely, got out of his 'bat hole' and realized that his navigation equipment was going awry. For the duration of his daylight cameo appearance, he essentially squeeled at Michelle (like she understood what it was saying), walked across the lawn, up a small tree, and waited impatiently for night to finally come around, oh say, 12:30AM! We haven't seen him since!!

Now there is a funny story about the 4th pic. The other day I was talking to my mom, while I was walking down the drive (I walk around alot while I am on the phone....a nervous tick....) and made to her the comment; "could you imagine walking down your drive and all of a sudden looking to your right and seeing a moose peering through the wildflowers at you?" After all, the wildflowers out in the side of the drive are, no joke, over 5 foot tall! Well, guess what mom!!! The next day....... =) Pretty cool this wild life, filled with big fire trucks, Umpa Lumpa's and other creatures! Good night and pleasant thoughts from Alaska.


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