Monday, July 16, 2007

The latest and greatest

Tonight marks another chapter in this adventure and a new addition to the compound....Johns new truck! This guy has been patient as he has searched for weeks for the right Chevy (another Chevy man). Everything we have looked at has been either the wrong price, or something wasn't right with the truck. It has been a long disappointing road for Johnny. Yesterday as we were hauling the old heatalator to the dump, I had that "the right one will come in its time" talk with him. After the dump we went to the gas station here in Nikiski and I did something I have never done. I was walking out the door of the gas station and then for some reason turned around and went back in to get a newspaper. When we got home John of course hit the truck sales add. He comes to me with this truck for $5000. and I call the number. Minutes later I get a call back and it is my main contact and friend Mark. He tells me that he just put it in the paper and it is his project truck that he has to sell. Now if you saw Mark, you would never in a thousand years think that he would drive such a tricked out rig. It just would never click. In fact when I was out at his house it was in the shop getting some work done a couple weeks ago, so I never even knew he had it. It has a top of the line stereo system in it which of course is a dream for John. The kid is in seventh heaven. It is exactly what he would have wanted, it did come at precisely the right time...and spiritually I might add. 'All good things in all good time'. Weather here was absolutely gorgeous today. Blue skies all the way around for the first time in days, temp here in Nikiski got up to about 70 degrees. The snow capped Aleutian Range was clear as a bell across the bay.....was just to die for. We are now finding out what Alaskans mean when they say that days like this you just drop everything and go out and bask in it! Have a great day.


Dan Stokley said...

Sweet Truck Johnny.. Let me borrow it sometime???

carol said...

Hi Maryann, Your pictures of the moose were great. I am sure you will see a lot of them. I'll be signing up for class soon. We will all miss you. Really starting to miss it. Realestate has been a real drag with the market being so crazy. Thanks Carol