Thursday, July 19, 2007

The new mother nature

I think most of our friends and family in the lower 48 think we are nuts when we try and describe life with little to no darkness. It is so different, and although you do get used to it, it is a hard beast to tame. Daylight Endurance Training has become a very important part of life here. It's not like we force ourselves uncomfortably to conform, more that it is a great opportunity to accomplish alot in your long day. For instance, here it is 10:30 PM and we are just now stumbling in from today's projects and chores. By the time we settle down and check out it will be around midnight or so. It is just incredible how the daylight 'charges' you. It is really hard to get tired at night! It's the new mother nature takin over!! Mind you once we hit the sack, it is no problem finding zzzz's. Michelle is with us again here, and really helping with the work we have around home. She is a real motivating force for getting things done, and she is well adjusted to Daylight Endurance since she was raised on a farm in Canada. I think it brings back good memories for her as she often reflects back to stories on the farm. John had his Explorer training tonight at the fire station in Soldotna, and is really liking it. The red salmon are making their way up into the rivers now, which means that thousands of fish are gathering around the rivers' mouths to start their trek upstream to spawn. As a result, the commercial fishermen are hauling in tons of fish to the processors....and this means that John is working some 16 hour days. He comes home smelling like a salmon egg, and usually doesn't say much as he drags back to his room. Poor kid you might say....but I think he loves it. He handles himself well. Fish and Game just opened up 'dip netting' to sport fishermen so parades of Alaskans are flocking to the rivers with their dip nets. It is a sight to be driving along Bridge Access Road outside of Kenai and as your coming over the Kenai River to see a long line of heads sticking out of the water along the bank for damned near a quarter of a mile. These guys wade out along the banks up to their shoulders hanging on to these dip nets extended out in the water 10 feet in front of them. The idea is that there are so many fish swimming along the banks that they literally swim right into the nets. When the counts are high, Fish and Game will periodically open up the limits and methods to catch the different breads of salmon. Maryann is in her studio painting tonight...and singing to herself. She doesn't realize she has an audience! I think she has her ipod on. You know how when you have earphones on you tend to carry your voice louder than get the point! Hey, she is happy and as long as she is happy, I am happy. That's all I want to see is that she is happy. I think this move has been a good thing for her....rather for all of us. She seems so much more relaxed and centered. I find it easier for me as well get my hemispheres into phase. Work is starting to pick up for me. It is just so difficult at times for me as I am not used to having to look so hard for business. After being dug-in down there for so long my name and reputation was well around and work tended to come to me. Now it is all about getting my name out again and starting from ground up. But, that is how it all started 15 years ago in Arnold. Its not like I didn't already know it would be like this! Well, that's about it for now. I am going to go shower and get ready for bed. Good night to all....and to all a good night! (Isn't that what Santa said....?) Oh well....ho, ho, ho!

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