Friday, July 6, 2007

Why do I shake my butt to "Stayin Alive"?

Can anyone answer this bizarre phenomenon?? Why is it that as we age we tend to find our bodies' extensions grooving and wiggling to music that we couldn't otherwise stand when we were younger and more spry? We have a really good radio station here, KBAY, which plays oldies from the sixties and seventies, and twice this week a couple different Bee Gees songs came on and I found my head gyrating and my extremities in sync with the rhythm of these songs! I couldn't stand disco, and didn't really favor the Bee Gees back when, yet now I somehow have reverted to some sick impression of Denni Terio (I don't even know if I spelled his name right that's how much attention I paid to this era) minus the 'doo' and the blinging jewelry....lets not forget those skin tight polyester knickers! Oh that is a scary sight... Interesting aint it?! Am I alone in this unconscious ritual? Maybe now others will pay more attention to their body language in the presence of such memorable oldies. Do you remember what you were doing when "Saturday Night Fever"came out? What really gets to me is when they refer to "Devo" as oldies but goodies......
I have been in seclusion this week. Yep, you guessed it. My special retrograde in Alaska. And it just keeps going. Not as dramatic I am proud to express! Just major communication flaws, dead ends and shut doors, and alot of RE iterating myself and RE checking things.....constantly. Oh I wont tell you details. Naw, your going to have to wait for the book. Been giving that alot of thought this week Kristi! Pity....I look not for this. Awareness. That's what it's all about. I love KBAY. I have some good news and some bad news. Good news is we got Dish network the other day so we have t.v. again. We didn't miss much. There is never anything good on except after midnight it seems. Get to see Deadliest Catch again! Bad news. We were lied to....twice. We cant get high speed Internet through Dish like the conniving sons of guns said we could. Funny how they tell you anything you want to hear then say to you after they have ya... "well sir, our satellite for high speed is at the wrong position to reach Alaska's horizon..." ARRRGHH! We still are holding out hope for DSL through our telephone service. Apparently we are on a 'hold' list and they cant say when we will get it. Could be tommorrow, could be months. So we are once again official kin of the 'Slowskys'.
All in all everything is going good here and we still have no regrets. Our friend that we met on the ferry, Michelle, is coming to meet with us this weekend. We are stoked as we miss her, and are excited to get the chance to visit. Speaking of Michelle, thanks for the comment Michelle! We miss you as well. Thanks for your words of advice, as I have always looked to you as a source of positivity and spiritual enlightenment. Although I have to say that every time you tell me "This to shall pass" I picture 'Gandalf the grey' standing on an apex with his mighty staff..... Very cool! Take care and we'll be keeping you 'posted'! My love.

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