Thursday, July 12, 2007

And just as quick as it was gone.

Hey all. Yep, it's true. My very special Alaskan REtrograde is done and gone. How do I know you ask? Well, it was like day and night really. One day everything was going awry.....the next, everything started going right. I only have a moment tonight, as I am tired, man. But let me update a few of the recent events here. Tomorrow and Saturday, Maryann and I are showing our art and pottery at a show over in Sterling. It is called "Christmas In July"....which is ironic because the whole Christmas spending thing irritates me. However, in this case we are potentially making money as opposed to spending it! That may make a difference. Tonight was Johns first night of the Central Emergency Services Explorer Program. He came home lit up like a Christmas tree! I guess he loved it. He has been offered a position with the department as a cadet. All he has to do is become certified in C.P.R. and he will be able to start riding along on calls and have minor participation with any calls he is along with. Maryann tonight learned how to dawn on a survival suit, and was rescued from a lake by the Junior Explorers.....she has happily informed us she will not be on 'Deadliest Catch' anytime soon! But she was amazed at the rescue technique and the skill in her mock rescue tonight. She has been invited by the whole team to participate in next weeks rescue. I guess she made a good victim! The team felt that she looked like an 'Umpa Lumpa' in her survival suit, but were all the same pleased with her recuebility. The day my retrograde departed, I got a position as key maintenance person for a local tax man/investor and will be taking care of his 4 fourplexes in Kenai and Soldotna. I am still working independently, but will be his key maintenance guy. He also promises this to lead to "more work than I know what to do with" as many of his tax clients are also property investors, and come to him for referrals for service people. Keep in mind that through retrograde, my efforts to introduce myself to him were constantly thwarted, but I kept up with persistence and eventually mailed him a packet that I have been distributing about, that introduces me and my business, as well as includes many letters of reference thanks to all who took care of us on that! I was given a hot tip that he was the guy to get on with. He told Maryann that the letter from Barry Ward is what sold him on me. Thanks Barry! I am bummed that I had no letter of reference from the United States Postal Service, as I logged in many miles and hours taking care of several post offices through many years of loyal service. They never could get my mail to me anyways. Just a bummer, but as my Italian grandma used to say..."whata me gonna do?" So there you have it. The latest and greatest. Stay tuned for more adventure to come in the next 2 days when the art show is done. Good night to all. We do miss you.

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