Saturday, March 28, 2009

Lets title this....'Pressure'....

Yes, pressure. A very fitting word these days. What happens when pressure is applied! We have been very fortunate since our last post. We have been out of the cross hairs for ash fall the past few days. There have been several eruptions a day since the last post, with 4 yesterday and already 2 this morning. Current NOAA ash trajectories are heading North right now. Here are a few pics of what ...pressure... can do!

Thursday evening of several eruptions this day.

Ash cloud seen near Homer.

Much like a wildfire, a volcano apparently creates it's own weather as seen here with lightning generated from the eruption that occured at 11:40PM last night.

More lightning....just intense! Mother nature at her absolute finest!!

Last nights 7:57PM eruption as seen from near Homer. Notice how light out it has become....woo-hoo!

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Anonymous said...

it puts you to shame, about the preasure that can be created:-))))
I bet you could'nt make lightning like she does.

Great pictures talk to you soon.