Wednesday, March 25, 2009

"It's your butt calling".

This was too comical to pass up. Maryann's on site manager at the lodge, Mike, was sitting in his cabin on the lodge grounds this morning taking in the ....well, morning! To his complete and sudden astonishment, two State Troopers come flying in, in their cruisers. Mike does what most confused folk would do....he walks out of the cabin to see what it was they were doing. They proceed to tell him they are responding to the 911 call they received. ? It took a minute for the three to put '1 & 2' together when they came to the realization that, quite like that Blackberry commercial where the girl walks into the room where the guy is sitting on the couch and her phone is ringing... Mikes butt apparently called 911! How funny is that!? According to the Troopers who thank goodness had a sense of humor, this type of thing happens all the time. Moral of the story: Know what your butt is up to at all times.

In other news, after a brief eruption in the early hours of this morning, Redoubt has been downgraded to an 'Orange' status once more. Whew! There are some pretty amazing pics on the AVO website of the aftermath of the past few days of activity. But all is cool once more, and we hope it stays this way.

Then there is the newest member of our family, of which I feel like a moron for not announcing sooner. No, it's not a baby so cool your heels. We adopted a new doggie! Seska is our 3 year old female Alaskan Malamute. We rescued her from the Anchorage Malamute organization about two weeks ago. She is adapting well to the family, and the other two are finding her to be a good companion for them. In fact, aside from her occasional bouts of complete stubbornness for which Malamutes are notorious for...Kenai and Cherokee are of no exception...she is getting quite into the grove with 'the pack'. These pics are of the first night so if it seems like everyone is a little befuddled....they are! Oh, and that is not dandruff on the dogs. It was the snow refracting the flash from the camera.
Seska is trying to figure out why Cherokee is on a pillow. She was a complete outdoor dog.
You can tell who the ham is. As Cherokee does his usual "look at me" pose for the camera, Kenai stands watch over Seska to make sure she isn't going to get out of line here.
Cranial love is the best kind of love for our dogs. Seska took an immediate liking to John and is geting into this 'cranial love' thing!

I also included some pics from our trip back from Anchorage the day we got her. They are of the Turnagain Arm, and the ice pack that was present.

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