Sunday, March 15, 2009

Back into the basement....

eAfter a significant quake today, we find ourselves at the mercy of Mt Redoubt, once again. These are pics taken today of the activity that has become once again apparent. This time there was a miner spew of ash at the mountain and mainly steam pluming from within. We were gratefully lowered to a level yellow last week, and were wiping the sweat from our brows. But, in leau of the recent occurrence we find ourselves again back at a level orange. So we wait, and patiently pray that the little activity will go away.

On a brighter note, currently Lance Mackey has thus far found himself in a significant lead as mushers reached the Kaltag village checkpoint this morning. This will be a turning point as they will be leaving the Yukon River and the interior and running along the brutal West coast of Alaska to Nome. It is exciting for us, to say the least, to have the coverage and updates via tv and radio daily. Especially knowing that soon after the last 'great race', Spring will be close at hand. Currently the temps are once again down in the single digits by night and 20's by day. The surise is around 8:15AM and the sunsets at around 8:00PM. Be safe, be kind and our prayers go out to our fellow bloggers.

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