Thursday, March 26, 2009

It's show time!

AVO photos from this morning.

I looked at the AVO website at 9:10AM this morning. We were cool. I go to work at 9:37AM and think to myself as I am driving down the highway looking across the bay seeing nothing due to overcast, "I probably should have grabbed my pantyhose and extra air biggie, we're cool". At 9:53AM the first call comes in, once again from the outside, that a major eruption has occurred. I am trying to call Maryann to have her check the AVO site but my phone won't stop ringing long enough for me to call out. 9:59AM, Maryann verifies that we are on, and I start to return home to prepare the volcano preparatory chores.....again. We are getting good at this. Only today, the wind has shifted and we are on the borderline of the projected ash fallout. This mornings eruption was reported as 'major' and occurred at 9:24AM Do you see that time table of events? Incredible how I missed it by minutes. We are currently standing by and watching the massive ash cloud 1000's of feet in the atmosphere blowing over our house. Here are some pics. It is an amazing thing....I suppose....until it gets 100's of feet off the ground....and then I suppose it won't be so amazing anymore! Anyways, much like the little news cuties who do their hair and make-up looking their best, only to be blown sideways in the eye of a hurricane to bring you the front lines story, as well I brave the threat of ash and the end of the world, to bring you a first hand account....pantyhose in hand... live from the compound....(wink)....

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