Friday, August 24, 2007

Pay it Forward.......

Have you ever thought of how blessed you are that life is so wonderful? Now I know that we all have our days of woe but for the most part we're not laying up in a hospital with some terrible disease or cancer. We all have a purpose in this life. What that purpose is, I don't know. I think our purpose is to be the best human we can be toward others or other living things. Greg and I have always been blessed to come across whether it be people or situations that make us leave scratching our heads and having positive thoughts. Why is this? I think it's because we're supposed to learn from these situations and somehow return the favor to someone or something else. I don't know if this ever happens to you but for Greg and I, it happens alot. Greg and I have always thought that we were put in whatever path because it was meant to be. We generally live life to the fullest and take responsibility for any consequenses when they happen. Meanwhile trying to be a kind and considerate person whenever and however we can. Karma, basicly. Your asking yourself, "Why is she using this as a topic." I don't know, maybe because I feel blessed to live here. I meet amazing and truly inspirational people everyday that for the most part have terrific words of inspiration or feel that I need a little info on Alaska. Maybe our guardian angels... I don't know. I wake up every morning feeling well (except for the last several days I've been fighting a cold) and wonderful that Greg, John and I took such a sudden and risky jump to be here. I love being here. Yes, I miss my family and friends. I miss being able to jump into the car and drive the few hours to Pacific Grove and watch John surf or spend time with Greg, but something keeps pulling my thoughts back to the beauty and bedazzlement of Alaska. I can't tell you why, yet. Maybe I will have the answer soon or not at all. I truly do think that there is a reason I am here and why Greg and John are here. Taking this jump has been a healthy risk. It has shown John that he can do anything. I truly think that this experience will make John a terrific person. It has just been my experience meeting and talking to others who have spent their entire lives here that we are somewhere special.

So wherever you are, you can make life special as long as you enjoy where you are and be kind, return wonderfulness to the next recipient whether you know him/her or not. Karma does exist and it is fabulous. So with that, have a terrific weekend and know that we love you. M.