Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Open Season

I have to first start this blog off with a message to some friends in Dorrington (Yvette & Dave Jenkins), we don't have your email address. Please email it to me. It was great receiving your comment, glad to hear from you, but where are you moving to? If you call my old number you will get my Alaska number, please try, I want to TALK TO YOU!!!! :0)
Ok, as of today Johns truck it fixed, yaaaaaahhhh....... We're very happy. As John calls it," The Chic Magnet". It's now ready for the first day of school. We're happy for him. He's been without for nearly a month, but very patient, what a great kid we have. He is currently winding down at the fish processing plant (as Red Salmon isn't coming in and Silver Salmon will not be coming in for a few more days) with school looming ahead he will be working with Greg to keep him caught up.
We're still bringing in firewood for the season and this is also taking precedence, good thing. The wood for now is being stored in a portion of the greenhouse that is closed off by itself since we do not have a woodshed to store it in. It will probably hold up to 4 cords or more in it. The rest of the wood will be stacked on the deck close to the front door as this will serve to be beneficial in the winter.
It's amazing how fast summer has come and how close fall is here. The leaves on the fauna are already turning colors, colder nights and the slight loss of daylight remind us of what is ahead. It's going to be great! If not an adventure, right? :0) You will all be laughing your fool heads off at us when we start describing a horrible morning like the trucks would not start due to the fact that we forgot to plug them in.... yeah, we know how you are..... Well, we will all do just fine, you'll see. :0)
So besides that, my job is going great. I have excellent co-workers and am realizing how happy everyone is in their jobs. I have met 4 people that have come back to work at the hotel from previous positions because they loved working there and missed it. This is a good sign. Everyone does there job and has a fun time doing it. Besides all of the great people you meet (from other countries). And when have I ever complained about a job that was fun and I got paid to have fun? NEVER!
Moose are constantly grazing around our property here and don't quite mind Cherokee and Kenai barking at them. And Cherokee and Kenai do not mind them cruising around our property as long as they do not come up near the house, we're good with this too. Hopefully the bears will feel the same. The dogs always have this expression on their faces like, " What the heck is that? And why does it walk so slow? Why are we here? " It's quite comical. We've watched 3 moose swim across our lake, very funny. It would be even more hilarious to see what they look like from underneath. Right now our neighbors target shoot (with real guns) for the upcoming opening hunting season of Moose August 20. So I've made sure to let all of our moose know that they can come to our house for shelter. :0) Yes, when you live in Alaska and it is Moose season and a moose wanders into your yard you can kill them. Surprisingly though I've heard that this never happens... smart moose. :0) When will we ever open hunting season on the hunter? Give the gun to the animal and lets watch the hunter run.. Oooops, did I say that? :)
Take care, we miss you and love you all. the Phillip's Family in Beautiful Alaska. M.


"Jenks" said...

heyyyy!! It is so great to hear about your adventures. I was talking to one of our friends the other day telling them I had found your blog and the stuff you guys encounter on a daily basis. It's just great, mind you cause I'm not the one going through it ha ha. It makes me feel like I'm reading a Davey Crocket story or something lol :) Our e-mail is and I would love to catch up and tell you all about our waiting game we're playing ;-) Talk to you soon, Yvette

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