Sunday, August 12, 2007

Buying Stock in Caulk!

It's been a week since our last post. Sorry. We've been really busy. Searching, hauling, cutting, splitting, stacking of firewood. Michelle and I are currently stripping the kitchen cabinets of the old stain, gregs hanging new light fixtures in the kitchen, for some of you that saw the pictures, we replaced those ugly white disco globes that were hanging over the kitchen with some recessed halogen lighting. I had to make Chocolate Cake for Greg in order for him to replace the lights. :0) The kitchen cabinets are going to be a loooonnnggg process, the pine cabinets were stained a dark 70's finish and we're trying to lighten them, so hence the stripping process. We shall see where that gets us. We still have to patch holes near the old fireplace and paint the livingroom, change out some other lighting and we're pretty good to go for winter. The lighting is an issue because once December rolls around, with only 5 hrs and 34 minutes of daylight we'd like to see some light in the house. Some locals cut down alot of trees around there house for the added light but you know us-we love our trees and the protection they provide so we're replacing lighting instead.
As of this October we will be buying stock in Caulk! ;0) Since we've been here we've realized we've got quite the colony of bats in the eve's again. We had to fight with this at the Dorrington house the first year we moved in. Don't get me wrong, we love bats, I just want them living somewhere else other than my house. Bats in the Belfry again. As of October (when the colony leaves) we will be caulking holes and cleaning the logs around there newly departed homes and hopefully next summer they will find refuge in Johns Boy Scout made bat house that we so pleasantly provided for our Dorrington Bats (when we finally removed them.)
Life here is getting more and more comfortable. After Greg installed the halogens in the kitchen last night and turned them on for the first time, Greg expressed how it felt like the Dorrington house again. That comment alone feels good. Slowly but surely these little things are being accomplished and makes the house feel more like home, if that makes since. Along with all of these items we've finally managed to get the lawn around the house GREEN again. When we moved in it was YELLOW, no joke. Greg and I are just finding that this house that we fell in love with back in November just wasn't loved but maybe by the original homeowner/builders and it's just now getting the love it deserved. So with that it just keeps getting better.
John and I went to Nikiski High School for the first time Thursday to get him enrolled. Yes, John has changed his mind about homeschooling so we saw the school for the first time, very cool. It's totally enclosed except for the track, soccer and football fields. The school itself reminds me of the movie, The Breakfast Club. I could swear that the movie was filmed in the Nikiski High School. John said it looked like a Mall. :0) He's never seen a school completely enclosed but it's in part due to the weather conditions that it has to be that way. Although he does have the option of leaving campus for lunch which he didn't get at Bret Harte.
I just learned again that I do not like staying at home. I've been here at the house since we moved in and it has been driving me nuts, to say the least. Don't get me wrong, I love my house and the beautiful surroundings but I've once again learned that I like to be out and about. For my sister who is a housewife and loves to stay home with the kids, I commend you. I could not do it.
So on that note, we will be home today stripping cabinets, watching the moose play (we saw a moose swim yesterday, hilarious) and enjoying another beautiful day in Alaska. Will the smiles ever wash from our faces? I hope not......
We miss you and love you.


"Jenks" said...

Hey guys! I finally found your information and got to read most of all your exciting adventures. Sorry it has taken so long but wanted to let you know we haven't forgotten about you and look forward to traveling along with you on each new exciting thing you venture on. Be sure and e-mail us sometime, looks like we might be moving from what was our heaven here too :( Dave, Yvette and boys

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