Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Packing, stacking, throwing out and so on

Ok, so we're now up and running. This Blog is dedicated to all of our friends and family who wanted to live life in our shoes while we were taking the wild trek to Alaska.

So, we are still on for our move from here June 1st. We are to be at the Bellingham, Wa ferry terminal on June 8th to board. We're still not sure what we're doing between those days, we'll keep you posted.

Once we're on the ferry from Bellingham, it's 3 days up the inside passage (3 days of whale infested waters, yaaaah) until our first stop in Juneau (we will be staying one night, and the dogs will be in utter bliss for a loooonnnngggg walk). Cherokee and Kenai will be crated in the Tahoe for those 3 days on the car deck of the ferry, with potty, excercise and eating breaks. I know, we really don't exactly like it but it's the rules. If we had our choice they would be right by our sides. So the 1st night off of the boat will do us all good. Plus will have a bed. Yes, we're sleeping communally (sp?) on the first ferry (on the deck under the stars or midnight sun). This is a good thing though, Greg and John were planning a coup by eating chili 2-3 nights earlier. Can you just imagine us all sleeping in a 5x7 berth? And with no window to open, oh dear.... :0)

So, the following morning we're back on the Cross Gulf Ferry for another 3 days to Whittier, Ak and we do have a berth on this one, although I may be sleeping communally again. I will just leave the berth to the boys... :0)

Until then, we're packing, stacking, throwing out, and giving away. Smiles, M.


Alicia said...

I think I'd stick to sleeping outside too! =) Sounds like a fun adventure. Something most of us will never do. Love Ya!

the song remains the same...Bev said...

hi guys.. this is very cool... thanks for sharing your journey..I miss you already! happy trails...xoxo Bev

carol said...

Hi, Thank you so much for including me in your adventure. I wrote this once but had not signed up yet so I hope you don't get this twice. Realestate is so bad I can use an adventure. We will miss you inclass next mon.

Kelli said...

Thanks for the update. Sounds exciting. Keep us posted! I have missed you for a long time - now i will just miss you farther! :)

Mom said...

I think this will be lots of fun following you guys. Still gonna missssss you. But this will help knowing where you are, and whats happening. Love you guys Mom & Grandma (huhs and kisses)

wavy sunny girl said...

Hi All i am so excited for all of you and thank you so much that i can share this wonderful experience with you all my thoughts Tracy x