Saturday, April 28, 2007

A meaningful encounter.

Ok, so I want to know who invents the names for font types?!? I mean talk about eccentric..... Today we had a bit of a treat. The buyers of our soon to be 'former humble abode' came by and we had the opportunity to meet them. What really nice folks.....Phil and Leanne if you read this I'm not just trying to suck up ;) ...... We gave them the exclusive tour of the operations center of our home, and some of the neat secrets of where to hike, fish and enjoy the sierras. I have to say that it is a tad weird from the perspective of, within 3 weeks we will be renters in their home, which was ours....and still feels like it's ours....try and chew on that concept for a minute! In any event we felt very comfortable with them, and are excited for all of the wonderful discoveries in store for them in this area, and the joy we know they will find getting to experience the peace, more stars than you could imagine at night (the milky way is awe) and just everything about this place that we love and will miss. We are truly happy for them. True it is sad for us. But when we step back for a moment and think of what we are going to, its beauty and passive atmosphere, new lifestyles....a dream home amongst it all, we cant help but let the sadness pass and turn it into anticipation of things to come. A friend of mine said it the other night. "Once your there for 2 weeks, you won't even be thinking of Arnold". Thanks John. You are probably right. But we will not forget the friends we have made, the privilege of sharing the time we have with them, as well as never knowing the honor of spending time with those who we have recently met, just before we move on. You all know who you are, and we feel so blessed to have shared time in this life with everyone. Lets all keep in touch. Do you want to hear something spiritual? Mind you we had nothing to do with this. The new owners met with our friend Tim today, who is a local contractor. They want to remodel the upstairs bathroom to include a shower. Something we have wanted to do, and frankly had we stayed here another year or two would have done that next. Anyways, after an hour of brainstorming the subject of how to make it work in this small space, they came up with the same idea as we had for how it would be arranged to fit the "T"! Hows that for "on the same plane"? I leave you with a thought to ponder. Why does it take nearly a sixth of our lifespan to make our dearest friends, only to leave them, and start over from square one. My uncle Honey once said that in a lifetime how lucky one is if he/she can count their true friends on one hand..... I can honestly say in this sixth of my life I need both hands and my toes! =] Hold on to your dreams.


carol said...

Hi, Because you do feel this way about your friends you will always have more than you can count on both hads and toes. I am really enjoying your blog. Carol

Dan said...

Hey guys!! Just got in on your journey happenings... Thanks for keeping us informed.. Once in Alaska you will need to get broadband if you can and get a webcam so at least we can see you that way..