Thursday, April 26, 2007

Hello again, well today turned out to be a good one. I took care of checking on DMV status with the State of Alaska to answer some of my own questions.

I then left with the dogs on a long walk off of Summit Level Rd near our home here. While I was walking the dogs, both were smiling and running together glancing back every now and then to make sure I didn't hide (we hide from the dogs when they run too far out of sight-a sick joke of hide and seek, Kenai thinks it's fun, Cherokee doesn't think so). Cherokee is always on a mission for smells and places to hike his leg, while Kenai is more interested in squatting over everything Cherokee has hiked his leg on, pretty entertaining let me tell you.

Anyway, while I was walking the dogs I was thinking about the distance between us and the truck due to a nightmare I had recently regarding getting mauled by a mountain lion and how far I would have to drag myself back to the truck. :0) Terrible nightmare. Anyway, I'm trying to rehabilitate myself to not worry about such things and just be mindful so I can continue to take walks with the dogs alone. Let's face it we're going to have a lot more wild animals to deal with up in Alaska soon, (Greg had felt it necessary to tell me this) like I didn't know already. ;0) And I had to tell myself that wild animal attacks do not happen as often as the media would want you to believe. So on our walk I happened to look down at the trail and noticed a fossilized rock sticking up, it's absolutely incredible. I was so excited to show Greg and he was bummed that he has never found one, the rock hound that he is. You can never take a walk with Greg or John without one of them stopping to pick one up. So now I think I'm hooked. I wonder what kind of rocks we will find in Alaska? To answer your question the dogs and I were a mile and a half away from the truck going toward the Girl Scout Camp (heavily forested) when I remembered my nightmare. Needless to say, we immediately turned back and headed for the truck. :0) Greg and I went back out to where I found the fossilized rock and found more, very exciting.....

PS we have no new news on the move as of yet. Take care, M.

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