Sunday, April 29, 2007

Hi Everyone

Just a quick note it's 9:30pm and I'm ready to hit the sack. I posted a new picture at the top of the blog of Kenai Lake. I wanted to show you the beauty that we experienced when we were in Alaska. There will be more where that came from.

Carol, thanks for the comments, so glad to see your keeping in tune. By the way, I changed my mind AGAIN, I signed up for another semester of class, so you will see me on Monday, yipppeee! I thought it was best to get in as much as possible before I depart. I can't wait. I've been going to Gereons studio on Wednesdays since class ended which has been great. Take care, and I will see you soon.

Dan, how's that puppy? You forgot to tell us what his name is. Yes, we've considered the webcam, Alaska does have broadband, go figure. All we can get here is dialup..... (pondering).
Take care and glad to see your keeping up on the blog. Hey, you may want to send the address to Scot, I don't believe I have his address. Take care and say Hi to all... Love M.

PS... I got that commission to do the watercolor painting in Valley Springs, very cool... M. I am excited.

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Dan Stokley said...

hey guys.. I emailed the address to Scott, Mom, and Dad... We do not have the puppy anymore... The puppy is up at Beth's Sisters house. She bought it from us.. We were just not dog people we found out...