Friday, September 25, 2009

Stage Of Life

So, I was approached the other day and asked, "Greg, why don't you link the posts you do for Stage Of Life on your blog so it is easier for the readers to find?" After giving it significant thought, I really came up with no real significant answer! So for those of you who have the time and stomach to read such posts on Stage Of Life, I decided to link all of the posts I have done so far, and in the future will do a post here on kenaialaskaorbust with a link to each new Stage Of Life post I do. However, since it is late and the couch has been calling me for a while now, I am going to start a little backwards and post the link to tonights latest SOL post, and in the next few days when I have a moment, I will list all of the other links. I hope you will check them out and look into some of the other writers and the great discounts the site offers. I just saved close to $300.00 by booking rental car reservations with Avis through this site, as opposed to the Avis site without the Stage Of Life discount. Hmmm, really sucks saving money, aint it!? (wink) And you dont have to be a writer to take advantage of these kinds of savings. Just sign up with your email address to the site. you are under no obligations nor will you receive any solicitations or spam. Just become a member and take advantage of what the site has to offer!
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Make sure and check out the fuss and all of the rave!! And if you know of any good writers...Erin (hint, hint)....the site is always looking to recruit good writers and their stories....Erin....

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Wow - I'm so pleased you think so highly of my writing (or rambling).