Tuesday, October 20, 2009

On the road and in complete amazement!

It is true. We are and have been officially in the wonderfully vibrant and free spirited state of....California! Maryann went into somewhat of a culture shock upon arrival. Fortunately she recovered really quick when we surprised her and rented a new Volkswagon convertable for the trip. Funny how "farvernugen" goes a long way at brightening someones day! Let me say we have seen some things, man! Really freaky things!! I wish I could say more but am restricted to time, as we are at Kinko's in Monterey right now racking up computer time. Long story for another day. All has been great though. The kids have pretty much been living at the compound taking care of the dogs and keeping things under control for us.

So far we have spent time visiting family, and seeing a few friends in the mountains and living in our second home in Pacific Grove. ......Verizon doesn't know it yet but they are about to get a huge and vibrant earful!!! Jackasses!! .....Anyways, it has been very interesting to get some feedback and vibes from family and friends. Very interesting! Also another story for another day. Lets just say, we quickly learned who was truly happy for us, and who expected us to fail and come running back home tails tucked. Fools! We did research, upon research and made a calculated risk which turned out to be overly successful and I have to spell it out for the doubters....NO REGRETS! We will be back, only to visit but will not be moving back anytime soon...or possibly ever....well, never! lol

Tomorrow will be the last day in PG and then off to the happiest place on earth. It is odd. The temps here have been...well, hot really. I mean to people who have not spent a day in temps over 76 degrees for the past 3 years it has been really balmy and hot. I talked to John the other day and he told me that the high at home was 35 degrees. Hmm. Call us a bucket of nuts, but that sounds so nice!

So for now, I am checking out but felt compelled to say, we are having a great time and are amazed that we actually once called this place home. Lets just say, like it or not.....Alaska is another country. Thank God! So for now, reporting live from Kinko's in Monterey, where the guy in back of me is yelling at his computer.....bye for now!

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"Jenks" said...

Hey!!! I see you are in California how come I didn't get a phone call to tell me where the party was? haha I know how hectic it can be when you are in town for a short period of time and limited with where you can go and time. So, I do forgive you ;0D BUT, it would have been great to see you. I know you were gonna be in Murphys on one day but don't know where? From the sounds of it you've already been here. Yes, I agree the temps here have been crazy. One day it's hot another it's snowing? I know we'll see you guys here one day. I know it'll never be to be our neighbors again but maybe one day we'll even get to come see you. Hoping at least.Glad you had a good visit. And I'm there with MaryAnn with the VW. That was my first car, 67 vw conv!!!! They rock!!